Shop Built Eccentric Chuck From PVC Fitting

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Infinite Axis ChuckThis is the first revision to the infinite axis chuck. It adds a bolt to handle bottle stoppers and other handles. It also has more resistance to unexpected rotation. It is the first major upgrade for the old egg chuck.

Detail plans at

Materials required:
• 2 in. PVC Compression Coupling – Home Depot Model # 511-43-2-2H $11.00. Other sizes are possible.
• 2”x4”x4” poplar or maple for chuck base
• Tap to match spindle threads (i.e.1.25” x 8 tpi (optional but recommended)
• 3/8-16 tpi Tap (matches most bottle stoppers)
• Auto body putty (Bondo)
• 1”x3”x3” Baltic birch plywood or HDPE
• 3/8” x 16 tpi hex bolt with 2” length threads.
• 2.5” diameter by 12” Dense hardwood such as maple
• CA Glue thin and medium

This inexpensive chuck opens up a new range of interesting woodturning projects.

Good turning.

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