Atomic Christmas Ornament For 2016 Ornament Challenge

Atomic OrnamentMay also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. But, Best Right Here.

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This Christmas season I’ve largely avoided hollowing through small holes. This ornament is another such project where I prefer to hollow through the largest opening possible. In this case the largest opening equals the diameter of the ornament.

For accent the walnut blank was sawn at a random angle; the cut was cleaned up and a strip of oak glued in the kerf. I repeated this process a couple more time before mounting to my lathe.

On the lathe, I used the perfect sphere process to yield a ball, However, before sanding the ball, I parted it in half one more time – at a random angle, Then again after hollowing the two halves, I glued in a strip of oak into the kerf.

After that I returned to the perfect sphere process to sand and finish the ball.

For hanging on a Christmas tree, I mounted a small loop of copper wire.

My walnut and oak ornament is about two inches in diameter. No fancy finials for this ornament.

Good turning.

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