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Injured Reserve

My grand-daughters convinced my to learn to ski. But, I had a disagreement with the rope tow. Now I have a cracked rib and have to take a break to heal. Unfortunately, break activities do not include woodturning      Yet!


If At First You Don’t Succeed… My Green Natural Edge Cherry Bowl

May also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook – Best right here. My last attempt to turn a natural edge bowl from fresh green cherry ended in a near disaster. Half of the almost finished bowl hit me in the face. Fortunately, I was wearing my full face shield. I cannot fear to turn […]


Fruit Salad – Dry Spaulted Apple From Green Natural Edge Cherry

May also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, or FaceBook. Best right here. I started turning a natural edge bowl from Cherry. Alas, it did not survive. But I did survive despite a hard knock to my face shield. So I switched to a dry block of spaulted apple that I have from a woodturning club […]