Anxiously Watching For Spring – A Natural Edge Bud Vase

Hazelnut Twig VaseMay also be view on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Where I live the snow has melted and early flowers are blooming. I have spring fever especially from being cooped up after my ski accident.

I found a hazelnut sucker I pruned off last spring and determined to turn a bud vase to welcome spring. The hazelnut was a perfect size for a small bud vase that could keep some of its bark as a natural edge.

Hazelwood is very light colored. I plan to use any I can salvage as a replacement for holly.

My bud vase is about 4 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It is finished with shellac friction polish.

I welcome spring.

Good turning.

4 Responses to “Anxiously Watching For Spring – A Natural Edge Bud Vase”

  1. Ralph Martin says:

    What a great project the bud vase is! I can’t wait to try one for myself!


  2. Lou Jacobs says:

    Welcome back Alan! So sorry to hear about your difficult encounter with the ski tow. This is a nice little project, and inspires me to look at my firewood pile. Continued health!