My Rose Root Blossoms Into A Unique Vase

Rose VaseMay also be viewed via YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook – Best right here!

I dug up an old rose bush from my yard. (Please do not report me to the Rose Club). The root is large enough for at least a couple of turnings. But exactly what should I turn with this unusual wood. I consulted with another woodturner and finally decided on a first project.

This vase is about 3″ tall and 3″ in diameter. It is finished with walnut oil. I tried to preserve some of the bottom roots and voids between roots. I carved out the bark inclusions and did a lot of hand sanding.

It is a conversation piece.

Good turning.

4 Responses to “My Rose Root Blossoms Into A Unique Vase”

  1. Ed says:

    I always enjoy and learn from your videos. The soft music and fast turning are welcome as is your pleasant delivery. We are clearing some land now I will be looking for root balls.
    As for your bigger root, how about turning the bottom into the top of a bowl or box and use the roots for the legs/ feet

  2. Daniel says:

    Alan, you always amaze me with your outlook and finesse in turning. Loved this piece, but I wish you had left the bark, I felt it added character. Have no ideas on what to do with the other piece, as I can rarely see what I’m going to turn from a piece until it’s on the lathe and it starts taking form, but you whatever you decide I’m certain it will be delightful and entertaining and most of all a learning experience for me. God Bless.

    • Alan says:

      Thank you for your suggestion and comment.
      While not considered wood, bark does have its appeal when retained appropriately