Back To My First Love – Turning Green Cherry Bowl

Cherry Bowl

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I obtained the wood for this bowl last December. At the time, I ripped the wood in half through the pith, waxed the ends, and stored the wood in plastic bags. Then due to my accident, I could not turn the wood as quickly as I wanted to and it stayed in the plastic bags a very long time. I feared that it was ruined. But when I opened the plastic, the wood was still in good shape.

So, off to trim the wood at the bandsaw and turn this 8″ by 3″ cherry bowl finished with walnut oil. The wood still has at least 20% of its weight to lose as moisture. I’m storing it in a plastic bag wrapped in a paper towel. The plastic has a loose seal to let some moisture escape.

This bowl will warp but probably not drastically. It is and will be beautiful

Good turning.

2 Responses to “Back To My First Love – Turning Green Cherry Bowl”

  1. Olliver Ransome says:

    Having recently subscribed, I am very much enjoying your weekly demonstrations. I would like to suggest that you slow down some of the parts of the videos to show exactly how you present the chisel to the wood, especially the bowl gouge with the Elworthy grind

    • Alan says:

      My goal is to present as much as I can in the context of the project AND within 10 minutes to respect your time.
      Two views give two perspectives. You are also welcome to rewind and replay significant parts of the video.
      Meanwhile, I’m working towards other formats.
      Thank you for commenting.