Turning American Ninja Warrior Training Gear

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My granddaughter watches American Ninja Warrior. She asked me to turn some training gear: 4 2.5″ balls, 2 3″ balls, 2 2″ pistons, and 2 truncated cones. Who can refuse a 7 year old granddaughter?

I turned them from Titan cedar. The balls are finished with only 80 grit sandpaper and beeswax and mineral oil mix. The others were not sanded and left unfinished.

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2 Responses to “Turning American Ninja Warrior Training Gear”

  1. Fayette Thornal says:

    What is the mixture proportions for your bees wax and mineral oil?

    • Alan says:

      I use 4 oz of beeswax to 1 pint of mineral oil.
      The ratio I first learned was 25% to 75% but that mixes liquid and dry measures.
      This is a practical expression of the ratio for a firm paste.
      From this you can vary to change the consistence.

      If you use unrefined beeswax, the bonus is a nice honey scent.
      Alan Stratton