Inside Out Christmas Ornament – Tree and Finials

Inside Out Christmas OrnamentThis video may also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. But best right here!

In this video, I complete my inside out Christmas ornament. Last week, I turned the body; now I’ll turn the interior tree for display, the finials, and everything else to complete the ornament. Last week, I noted that it could become a bell but I decided to stick to my original plan and only include a bell in the top finial.

The top finial is about 1″ long made from a tropical hardwood pen blank.

The hanger is fine wire twisted around a drill bit and glued into the top finial.

At the bottom of the globe is a walnut spacer. It serves dual purposes: 1) to visually balance out the globe; 2) provide a transition to the smaller diameter bottom finial. Otherwise, the bottom finial would have to be a much larger block of expensive wood. It is about 1.5″ long.

The bottom finial is from the same tropical hardwood pen blank about 4″ long.

For children’s safety, I never have a sharp or very fine point on an ornament finial. I believe a blunt end finial is much safer for children.

Remember the Christmas Ornament Challenge submission period is November. Plan your ornament now.

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Good Turning!

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