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Designing Two Stave Inside Out Christmas Ornament

This post may also be viewed via YouTube, Vimeo, or FaceBook. Best right here at As Wood Turns. Inside out Christmas ornaments present a challenge for me. They are tough to visualize due to the interaction of the inside and the outside turning. For this two stave inside out ornament, I started to plan the […]


Woodturning Old Fashioned Desk Pen Set

This video may be viewed via YouTube, Vimeo, FaceBook or right here where it is best. Years ago, I did not use pen kits for making wooden pens like we almost exclusively do today. Still there is a place for an inexpensive yet classy desk pen set. This pen uses the filler extracted from a […]


Multi-Dimension Fin Vase Green Woodturning

This video may also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, or FaceBook. But best right here at After seeing a demo of this vase at my woodturning club, I searched for a good piece of wood. Ideally, it would be an entire round of freshly harvested wood. With wet wood, I could expect the fins […]