Quick And Easy Ring And Jewelry Holder

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This project is fairly quick and easy yet functional and beautiful. While simple, it has potential for many variations. Essentially, it is a bowl with a spindle – the best of both worlds. The bowl is small and shallow with the center left in place. The spindle resembles a flame. A ring or rings can be placed on the tip of the flame.

The bowl portion is 4x4x1. The flame starts with 1x1x6. Mine are finished with lacquer.

To make this ring holder, first turn the shallow bowl using the usual bowl turning techniques. The difference is to leave the center. This means the live center can stay put a very long time. Drill a hole to serve as a mortise in the center. Next turn the flame with a tenon to match the hole in the bowl portion. Keep the flame portion simple. This is not the time for a lot of beads and coves.

Remember the Christmas Ornament Challenge submission period is November. Plan your ornament now.

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