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Woodturning Inside Out Open End Christmas Ornament With LED

This video may be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook. But you’re already here! The Christmas Ornament Challenge is accepting entries through November. Enter yours at on the challenges page. View ornaments submitted this year here. Inside out Christmas ornaments are a challenge for me. The profile of the inside turning is difficult to visualize. […]


2017 Christmas Ornament Challenge Update #1

This is the first update to the Sixth Annual Christmas Ornament Challenge to show all the ornament and videos submitted to date. Links to these videos: All videos are in a playlist at here. for 2 Mauro Migone 3 Patrick Laperrière ( Pat Lap ) 4 Billy Burt 5 Steve Krumanaker 6 Mauro Migone 7 Thijs […]


A Woodturning Tip To Eliminate Wobble

This video may also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook. Why not stay right here. For this project video, I had planned an inside out ornament – a really special one. To my dismay, it broke. Due to the imminent deadline, I switched to a walnut tea light with flashing LED. As I first […]