2017 Christmas Ornament Challenge Update #2

This is the second update to the Sixth Annual Christmas Ornament Challenge to show all the ornament and videos submitted to date.

All videos are in a playlist here.
2 Mauro Migone
3 Patrick Laperrière ( Pat Lap )
4 Billy Burt
5 Steve Krumanaker
6 Mauro Migone
7 Thijs Gijbels
8 Walt Wager
9 Ken Moon
10 Tom Ackley
11 Christian Kuebler
12 Mike Waldt
13 Perior Prenella von Windt
14 Joe Pierce
15 Grace Silverwood
16 Mike Peace
17 OJ Stevens
18 Eli Polite
19 Matt Pride
20 DJ Geiler
21 Mike Waldt
22 Raymond Williams
23 Joe Pierce
24 Tom Midtbo
25 Jesse Barremore
26 Xyla Foxlin
27 Mark Jensen
28 Alan Stratton
29 Billy Burt
30 Terry Vance
31 Brent Arnold
32 Rick Morris
33 Jeremiah Sears
34 Sean Evelegh
35 Walter Turchyn
36 Michael Masters
37 Jeremy Edwards
38 Jesse Barremore
39 Jon Ellwood
40 Dimitris Klonos
41 Mitch Peacock

To enter, video you making your ornament and upload it to your YouTube channel. Then at http://www.AsWoodTurns.com/Challenges, complete the form. But sure you get a successful confirmation message. The challenge ends midnight November 30, 2017

We’ll announce winners in December.

Again. the challenge is open to ornaments from all crafts and combination of crafts.

Alan’s Website: http://www.AsWoodTurns.com
Carl’s Website http://www.TheWoodShop.tv

Where to submit video: http://www.AsWoodTurns.com/Challenges

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