Recycled Wood Snowman Offers Season’s Greetings

Snowman Christmas OrnamentThis video is also on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

At our last woodturning club meeting, I won a chunk of wood in our raffle. It was a mystery wood salvage from a members job from discarded packing material. What do I do with a short piece of 4×4 with drying checks.

In the Christmas Ornament Challenge, there were several very nice snowmen. But, I did not want to try for a very nice finish on this wood. I decided to keep him rustic and only slightly sanded with coarse sandpaper. Even if he were rustic, my snowman needed a formal hat as all ther other snowmen have. It’s a peer pressure thing. For his hat, I burned the wood surface with a mini propane torch.

Then I used my pyrography tools to burn in his facial features. He is a stunning 5 inches tall and just under 3 inches diameter. He has no finish. His center is drilled out to keep his weight down. After all, he has been on a diet this year so far.

I have no firm idea of what kind of wood he is. But it does resemble pine.

Merry Christmas

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