A Stylized Bowl From Club Raffle Wood

Ash BowlThis video may also be viewed via YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook. But you’re here already with the best seat in the house!

Part of our club wood raffle is encourage turning something from the wood. So, my natural inclination was to turn a small bowl from this wood that I think is ash.

However, with the small size, I wanted to dress it up a little. So, I reduced the diameter of the center hollow portion and reversed the curve on the lip. The tradeoff is a smaller bowl but I think this shows off the grain more. It is also more difficult to turn.

The finished bowl is 5 inches diameter and 3 inches high, finished with walnut oil. I like it.


4 Responses to “A Stylized Bowl From Club Raffle Wood”

  1. Michael Kratky says:

    Hi Alan, reminds me somewhat of the mini hats that Johannes Michelsen turns; took a very enjoyable hat making class with him several years ago that included mini hats as have many others over the years, interestingly seldom see anyone post anything that they learned from that class as I believe Johannes is very sensitive to that.

    • I saw the possibility of the hat as I started to turn the foot. But I went on to made the foot.
      As for Johannes, I’ve never taken his class but we all learn from each other and put our own spin on things.

  2. Walter Turchyn says:

    That is a very interesting and unique shape, Alan. The kind of item that will attract lots of attention from people who see the bowl and say, “You _made_ that?? How??”. I’ll keep this idea in mind next time I’m looking for something different to turn.

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