Maple Firewood Bowl – This Ugly Duckling Is Not A Swan

Maple Bowl RoughThis video may also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook.

My brother came to visit and brought his agenda – to turn a “people feeder” from a piece of big leaf maple he salvaged from his firewood. The people feeder has potential but what about this firewood. The wood had some character like a large knob that maybe was burl or an overgrown limb. But it also had character in the form of cracks.

In this video, I start to turn this wood to see if we can use it for the people feeder. As you’ll see, it did not become a people feeder.

12 Responses to “Maple Firewood Bowl – This Ugly Duckling Is Not A Swan”

  1. Robert EcRuschman says:

    It is a work of art my man. Love it. Glad you didn’t throw it in the fire bin.

  2. Mike Runyan says:

    I like it. I think bowls like that make wonderful fruit bowls. The holes in the bowl allow air to circulate around the fruit which helps keep them from rotting, plus the bowl full of fruit on a counter or table adds a rustic look.

  3. Michael G Glinister says:

    A great charactered bowl love it.

  4. Barry Stratton says:

    I love the ‘character” of the art piece, but, then, I’m very biased. I’m going to use Butcher Block Conditioner to bring out the grains (which are all over the place) and then show it to my friend who gave me the firewood. Perhaps he would enjoy it. Thanks for the great time we had making this and other projects.

  5. Jerry Streeter says:

    Thumbs up – nice results. Seems most of my homegrown wood becomes firewood before it gets to the lathe so I can relate to the frustration you and your brother felt.

  6. D Thorpe says:

    I thought it was great. When I turn or make boxes I always look for knots, spalded, worm holes or other impeferctions in the wood that I use. I find that straight grains and smooth wood have no character.

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