Woodturning A People Feeder – Feeders Are Not Only For Birds

People FeederThis video may also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook.

As I noted in the last video, my brother came to visit and brought his agenda – to turn a “people feeder”. The wood he brought did not work out. So, we used what I believe is gum.

A people feeder dispenses candy from a hopper into a shallow dish. A people feeder has four parts: 1) a clear container for the candy; 2) a lid that fits the container; 3) a upper portion that holds the container and has hole for the candy to drop through; 4) a shallow dish from which one “feeds himself”. a dowel keeps the two wood pieces together.

This people feeder is about 7 inches diameter finished with Howard Butcher Block Conditioner. This one is designed for peanut M&M’s which are more difficult to dispense than plain M&M’s.

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