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Christmas Ornament Challenge 2017

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How to submit your Christmas Ornament video

  1. Prepare your ornament video.
  2. Prepare one still picture of your ornament.
  3. Enter information about your video and about you in the form at bottom of this page.
  4. Receive a confirmation message. This should be very quickly after you click the button.
  5. Upload the still picture to DropBox. Link is below the submission form.
  6. Receive another confirmation email. This will take a day or two.


The challenge submission window will close after November 30th.

The Christmas Ornament Challenge is open to ornaments of all sorts from any craft and from any material. Most rules will be the same as last year.


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 6th Annual Christmas Ornament Challenge Rules and Guidelines.

      1. Ornament must be in good taste and some reflect the spirit of Christmas and/or the Christmas season. Non-Christian ornaments are welcome.
      2. Videos must be submitted on or before 11/30/2017. Ornament must be current work – Must be made this season.
      3. Anyone can submit videos; multiple videos may be submitted. However, only one prize per person.
      4. Plan to upload one great still picture of your ornament. We’re working out those details.
      5. Videos are to be uploaded to submitter’s YouTube channel.
        • Complete video details on submission form at
        • Submission will  include video in the challenge and the official playlist.
        • This form submission constitutes acceptance of all rules and conditions of this challenge.
        • Prepare one still picture of your ornament and upload. This will help the final review.
      6. Judges are Alan Stratton and Carl Jacobson. Our decisions are final. There are no appeals. After all, we’re having fun here.
      7. Winners may select their choice of prizes available.
        • 1st place winner may select any available prize.
        • Other winners will submit a list of desired prizes in order of preference.
        • Remaining prizes will be awarded in place and preference order.
        • Only 1 prize per person, although multiple entries will be accepted.
        • Winners will have two days after notification to submit their preferences.
        • If shipping charges are excessive such as international shipments, substitutions may be made by judges. We’ll do our best but have to consider shipping costs.
      8. Legal details
        • Void where prohibited for any reason.
        • You must be at least 18 years old and still alive. If you are under 18, a parent must consent to receive a prize. Have a parent send an email with their permission from their own email account.
        • This challenge is free to all participants.
      9. Have fun – Be SAFE – Wear your full face shield. Injury or death may disqualify an entry. :)


      1. Keep your video short — Please edit as necessary — Excessively long videos will not impress the judges.
      2. Carl and I are primarily woodturners. However, last year we opened up the challenge to include all crafts. All are welcome to participate. We appreciate great art and fine work. Impress us.

Challenge Entry

Now that you’ve read all that above, here’s the form to enter your video into the Christmas Ornament Challenge.

Wait until November 1st to fill in this form – but do it before December 1st. On or before November 30. How else can it be said?

This year’s challenge entry period is over – See you again next year.

We’re asking everyone to upload a still picture of their ornament for inclusion in the winner announcement video. This is for the public comment video and final announcement video.

35 Responses to “Challenges”

  1. Walt Wager says:

    What fun! Keep it up.

  2. teddy salyer says:

    Hi, this is my first time entering the challenge. I sent the video again as I have not received confirmation that it was received. thanks

  3. graham burdett says:

    How do I upload a slide show. Carl mentioned that it can be done

    • Alan says:

      You would need to convert it to a video. There are multiple ways to do it depending on your system and web capabilities.
      YouTube will only accept a video.
      So. Another step before submitting.
      Press on.
      Thank you
      Alan Stratton

  4. Anna says:

    Hi, I was just wondering what time zone you are referring to when you are considering the due date of one or before 11/30/2016.

  5. Chris says:

    Just finishing up the edit work on my video now. I’m so excited for my first ever challenge submission of any kind! This was a ton of fun!

  6. Opa Koster says:

    Did it work this time Allan?

  7. David Gunn says:

    Got mine submitted. Thanks for hosting this Alan and Carl. You guys rock

  8. gabe cappel says:

    hey i summited two videos both named 201 christmas ornament challenge gabe cappel just so you know that they are together the only difference is in the second video it shows my complete project at the end

  9. Bill Davis says:

    I know my entry was past the deadline, Go ahead and add it to the playlist please even though it won’t be judged as part of the challenge. Have to try to get it done sooner next year. Take care and Merry Christmas.


  10. Tom Ackley says:

    Just a big thank you for you guys hosting this contest, it is a lot of work and is appreciated taking the time to put this on, I’m sure I can speak for all, we appreciate this!!

  11. i am just 1 day late please let me submit it i am 12 years old a would love to submit my video my channel is milo n eli i am going to post it really soon it is a levitating snow man it is awesome it would make me really upset if i could not enter it. my channel is Milo n Eli. thanks eli

    • Alan says:

      We can post your video in the playlist but you will not be eligible for any prize. Give me the title, description, URL and plan to send me a still image of it.
      Then mark your calendar for next year – we’ll be doing it again.
      Sorry, but that’s as much slack as we’ve been allowing.

      Alan Stratton

  12. i am just 1 day late please let me submit it i am 12 years old a would love to submit my video my channel is milo n eli i am going to post it really soon it is a levitating snow man it is awesome it would make me really upset if i could not enter it. my channel is Milo n Eli. thanks

  13. This i my first time so i do not know how to tell you the url and send a picture. but it is now on youtube. the name of it is my entry for the 2016 christmas ornament challenge | levitating snowman. my chanlle name is Milo n Eli. i was really hipped about maybe getting prize or something but as long as more people see my video and channel i will be happy. thanks

  14. Pat Lap says:

    Hi Alan,
    I just wanted to make sure you received my link & photo. I didn’t have any confirmation. :)

    Have a great day!


  15. Ken Moon says:


    Thanks for putting this on. First video is live..


  16. Tom Ackley says:

    I submitted my video yesterday, not sure I did it corectly Alan.

  17. Just submitted mine, it was a lot of fun. I may do another one, or two. Thanks for putting one this great challenge!

  18. David says:

    Just completed my entry to the 2017 challenge, was a new experience. was fun getting it done.

  19. Rob Steen says:

    That’s my entry submitted – I really enjoyed having a project and a deadline really helped!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  20. Charles Noe says:

    I am having issues uploading my video but will get it resolved! Thank you for your patience!

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