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2014 Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge Results

Also viewable on YouTube

At last, we’re announcing the results for this year’s challenge. The response has been amazing — Thank you all.

Congratulations to our finalists.

Everyone for whom we have an email address will also receive a certificate for their participation.

Follow this link for all ornament challenge videos.

Woodturn An Acorn Christmas Ornament

Acorn Ornament

Also viewable on YouTube

I want to add another simple ornament to this year’s Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. This is an acorn made from walnut and elm. It is very light since I hollowed the inside. It is about 1″ in diameter an over 1 inch long.

My acorn is finished with shellac friction polish.

This is a link to the complete playlist

Woodturn A Molecule Christmas Ornament

Orbit Ornament

Also Viewable on YouTube

This year I really wanted to make this ornament, a maple globe with orbiting padauk resembling a molecule or, in a stretch, a planet with moons.

This one was fun. I started with 5 segmented rings of 12 segments each: 4 maple and 1 padauk. Then I sliced the padauk into 6 slices but only used 5 of the slices. At this point my segment count is 108. But wait there’s more.

After gluing into a ball, I sliced the ball 4 times and inserted one thin slicke of padauk each time, gluing it back into a ball each time. How many pieces of wood now? who knows. I’ve not counted. Finially add one more piece for the finial.

The ornament is finished with shellac friction polish.


Woodturn A Sputnik Sea Urchin Christmas Ornament

Inside Out Ornament

Also viewable on YouTube

This ornament displays a sputnik sea urchin shell on finials of walnut and a tropic hardwood.

The sea urchin shell is prepared by coating the insides with white glue and sanding the holes perfectly round.

The finials are finished with shellac friction polish.

This ornament is part of the 2014 Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge.


Three Sided Inside Out Christmas Ornament

Also viewable on YouTube.

Inside Out OrnamentI wanted to turn another inside-out ornament for this years Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. But I also wanted it to be a little different than before.

So, this inside-out ornament is a three sided ornament which presents a little more of a challenge because the stave angles are different and harder to get right.

This is made from three pieces of walnut ripped at 60 and 120 degrees. They are temporarily fastened together while turning the inside cavity. With that cavity finished, the staves are taken apart, rotated and permanently glued back together again.

Then the exterior is turned.

The challenge becomes how to turn the thin sides that become sharp and dangerous.

This ornament is finished with friction polish. The tree inside the ornament is maple. The bottom finial is a tropic pen blank.