2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge

Challenge Videos

1.Kickoff – 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge

–Alan Stratton
–Carl Jacobson

2. A Rocket Ship Christmas Ornament

A dead-simple ornament, sure to please any young rocketeer! Nothing says “Christmas” like blasting off into outer space in a rocket ship built of scrap!

–Rick Morris

3. Ornament challenge  2015  Deer

Cute little deer

–Rich McNatt

4. Wood turned Christmas Cracker ornament 

How I made a Christmas cracker ornament on the lathe.

–Philip Bradley

5. A Steampunk Dirigible Christmas Tree Ornament

Nothing says “Christmas” like a fantastical object flying thru the sky behind impossible drive sources.

–Rick Morris

6. Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge 

This is a brief slideshow of the Christmas ornaments I made. I used profiles of my family members to draw out silhouettes and then used a scroll saw to create the outlines in wood! The bodies are black cherry and are hollowed to reduce weight. Merry Christmas!

— David Strout

7. Wood turning a nutcracker

Made a nutcracker from raw log.

–Tommy Akridge

8. Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge 

This is my entry for the 2015 Christmas Ornament Woodturning

–Fabian Hentschel

9. Woodturning Hollow Christmas Ornament With Wood Burning

Cherry with pyrography. Hollowed in two halves. Where’s the seam? Why hollow thru a small hole if you do not have to?

–Alan Stratton

10. Wooden spiral for the Challenge

I made this spiral from a log of boxwood.

–Mauro Migone

11. The skateboarding snowman

A snowman made from a skateboard wheel, reclaimed wood, skateboard wood and some metal I had laying around. This idea came to me as I was spinning one of my wheels and I thought about a snowball rolling down a hill. I hope you enjoy it!

–Scott Partington

12. Christmas Ornament Challenge

My entry for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2015 by Carl Jacobson and Alan Stratton.

I want to thank both of them for the time they are spending to provide us with this fun little project!

This is my first video and I plan on doing more in the future!!

13. Woodturning Stave Segmented Pen Blank Christmas Ornament 

Turned from pen blanks plus walnut and padauk

–Alan Stratton

14. Colored Pencil Christmas Tree

This is my first video.  It was shot on an iPhone in portrait mode.  Sorry!  I will try to do better next time.

–Russ Philipp

15. #38 2015 Christmas Ornament (short version)

This is my submission to the 2015 Ornament Challenge, again this year, issued by Carl Jacobson and Alan Stratton. This is the short version.

— Yuval Lahav

16. Woodturning Olaf with 3D Printed Carrot Nose and Stick Arms

Woodturning Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen. I turned the basic shape on my wood lathe and then used the woodturning chisel, drill, and sand paper to shape the face for the nose. I 3D printed the stick arms and carrot nose. And a paint job that will prove I am no prodigy with a brush.

— Tim Keeley

17. Christmas Ornament Challenge

El cuerpo es de una variedad de marmelero,(cuerno de vaca), muy parecido al cerezo. Tallado con punta dremel y rellenado con purpurina. Luego una capa de cialoclinato.

El cuerpo superior e inferior es de guayubira, (una madera muy dura) y terminado con aceite de lino y goma laca.

El aro orbital es de guayubira y tallado, luego rellenado con purpurina. Despues de armar la pieza se le aplicó una mano de laca al poliuretano.

— Jose Alberto Giordano

18. 2015 Ornament challenge 11.08.15 jn

Segmented, hollowed ornament with cherry, maple, walnut and a bocote cap and finial.  Second ornament is laminated Purple Heart, bocote, zebra wood, maple, walnut, cherry, with a redheart finial and cap.

–Jeff Nist

19. Making Two Christmas Trees On The Lathe

In this video I turn a piece of olive wood and a piece of scrap walnut into two mini Christmas tree ornaments. I love the woodcraft and have been doing it for the past three years. I am currently 15. I hope you enjoy the video.


20. Wood Turned Christmas Tree Ornament 

Wood turned Live Oak and Mahogany Ornament

–Tommy Akridge

21. Woodturning a Wooden Tree Ornament with Color Fading

Turning a tall slender kingswood fir pencil style tree with acrylic rods through it on my lathe and building a color fading circuit for the inside

–Tim Keeley

22. Christmas Ornament Challenge

A snowman turned from Cherry, Padouk, and African Blackwood

–Mike Waldt

23. DIY Christmas Ornament

Here is my submission for the Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. I haven’t been turning for very long, but I am hooked, and I take every opportunity to turn something. Thanks for hosting this, and Merry Christmas.

–Eli Bond

24. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge  Sam Angelo

This ornament was designed to celebrate the Christian story, from the birth of Jesus depicted by the star of Bethlehem showing us all the way.  The story ends with salvation represented by the Cross.

–Sam Angelo

25. Christmas Ornament Challenge

it is made from hemlock and 3 different pieces

–Spencer Ramsay

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