2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge 101-113

Challenge Videos


101. DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Tree and Ornaments

Wood Pallets, what a great way to reuse them, making a Christmas Tree and the ornaments for your HOME. In This video, i’m presenting you how i made our wonderful Christmas Tree, and my older 7yo son Liam helped me make the Ornaments. Thank you moi….muahhh

–Emerisis Sntos

102. Making a Brass Bell out of a Bolt

A short version of a part of my ornament! There is a longer version of the whole ornament on the way!

–Larry McCafferty

103. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge #1

My first attempt at turning an ornament of this style (globe and finials).

Osage Orange globe and Cedar finials.

–Joe Barkoviak

104. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2015 – Entry by KK Make

For all those who read the description, I’ve chosen this piece of wood for an ornament because once there was a sort of animal living inside of it and this Christmas will be first that we have our animal with us. Mix miniature Poodle with French Bulldog ‘KUKI’.

Dla tych co czytają opisy, wybrałem ten kawałem drewna bo kiedyś żyły w nim jakieś zwierzątka, a te święta będą pierwsze kiedy jest z nami nasze zwierzątką. Mix miniaturki pudla z buldogiem fransuskim ‘KUKI’.

–Karol Kolanowski

105. The 2015 Christmas Challenge, maple burl and acrylic

My 2015 entry for the turning challenge. Had a ton of fun making this maple burl and acrylic tree ornament.

Thanks for watching!

–Erich Winges

106. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge

This years Christmas Ornament Challenge. I, for sure, have no expectations of winning anything. This entry is so simple and I am sure way below anyone else entries. I wanted to support this challenge however and also its been a while since I made a video. I miss doing them. I have had some things in life that have occupied my time and has taken away from etc shop and making videos. Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone! I hope this time of year finds you blessed and happy!

–Christopher Pine

107. Christmas Ornament Challenge / A Soldiers Silent Night 

This Ornament is in tribute to Every Soldier who will not be home for Christmas, Defending our Freedom, and keeping us safe. The Ornament is made of Walnut, Oak, and White Oak, it Gold and Silver Glitter Epoxy inlay. The Letters form A R M Y , A Tribute to My Daughter PFC Amber Davis

–Sterling Davis

108. Turned Christmas Ornament

Multi Axis Christmas Ornament.

-Joseph Sheehan

109. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge 2nd Entry

Christmas tree made from Lignum Vitae and Bloodwood. Enjoy!

–Jeremy Edwards

110. The Annual 4th Christmas Ornament Entry TTW

So again this is not the final video! There is so much more to tell than this can say! There are things like the lights turn off and on by turning the top piece! This would have been a great project for the WyomingWoodturner Sam Angelo… but I don’t have any of that kind of gear anyway… so I took a hack saw and cut the top off a pop bottle. Gluing the top of the bottle to the top ball makes a place for wires and the battery. I soldered washers to the two wires and then the battery sits on one… and the insulation on the upper one keeps the top washer from making contact until you turn the lid all the way closed!

But that will be all looked into in the next videos!

Thanks to Carl and Alan for putting on the challenge and for doing all the hard work!

Thanks too for watching

–Larry McCafferty

111. Icicle Snowman Ornament – Woodturning on Lathe

For the challenge this year, I made icicle snowmen ornaments as popularized by Nick Cook.  I saw him demonstrate the project earlier this year and have been waiting for Christmas to try some out.  They are a lot of fun and good practice both rolling beads and using the skew chisel.

My version is slightly different in that I add a middle snowman body section giving a more traditional look.

–Todd Richardson

112. 2015 christmas ornament challenge entry

I wanted to try the Christmas ornament challenge again this year so i did a ornament with 4 trees inlay in it.

–Brian Maciel

113. Brenton Younkin’s Christmas Ornament Challenge Entry 2015

This a video of me making a wooden acorn ornament. Using Walnut and Leopardwood. I’ve been making and selling alot of acorns. So why not.

–Brenton Younkin

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