2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge 26-50

Challenge Videos

26.Smokin’ Snowman

A look at how I made a Christmas incense burner in the form of a smoking snowman.

I’m very much the amateur turner, and this chunk of European larch just makes it harder still, but I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy watching.

–Mitch Peacock

27. woodturning christmas ornament challenge 2015 

oak snowman

–Gary Harris

 28. Christmas ornament for the Challenge 

Ornament for the Christmas tree.

–Mauro Migone

 29. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge #1   Pine Branch Christmas Tree

Here is my first entry for this years “Christmas Ornament Challenge” put on by Carl Jacobson and Allan Stratton. It is a Christmas tree made from a pine tree branch. Finished with acrylic paints to give it the festive colours and decorated with the small ball shaped pieces form a Christmas decoration I picked up at my local craft store.

–Harold Bowern

 30. Making a Christmas Ornament Out of Ebony

In this video I show how I turned a piece of ebony into a beautiful Christmas ornament. I also show a piece of walnut, which I carved a snowman into. Both of which I will enter into the Christmas Ornament challenge. Enjoy.

–Anthony Strazhnikov

 31. Flash-Light-House — Christmas Ornament Challenge 2015

Flashlight cover turned in the shape of a lighthouse. Wood used, Beech.

The Lighthouse guides you through the darkness like Jesus, whose birthday we’re celebrating on Christmas. That’s the reason, why a lighthouse is a Christmas Ornament for me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year.

–Peter Freitag


 32. Salvaging My Christmas Bell Ornament

This maple bell started out very differently. A “design opportunity” induced a radical transformation.

–Alan Stratton

 33. GoodTimesTurning 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge 

This is my first YouTube video ever. I used Bethlehem Olive wood and Burmese Blackwood. The Olive wood is an inside out design with Burmese Blackwood for the top portion and bottom finial. I really enjoyed making this video as much as I enjoyed turning the ornament. Enjoy

–Jeremy Edwards

 34. Classic Birdhouse Christmas Ornament…….No Vacancies

Classic Birdhouse Christmas Ornament with an occupant.

–Steve Krumanaker

 35. Barry’s First Ornament – 2015 Christmas Ornament Woodturning

Red and white reverse turned “globe” made of redheart and maple. Ebonized finial made from fir.

–Barry Crowder

 36. Christmas ornament with stone inlay

I used cherry and ashwood for this ornament and made the inlay from howlit.

–Robert Mihalyfi

37. Woodturning Christmas challenge by Marc

My Frosty near the christmas tree

–Marc Dubuc

38. Ornament Callange entry #2 Contest edit

A Teak ornament

–Rich McNatt

39. Christmas ornament contest 2015 UFO ornament

this is my entry for the 2015 ornament contest i made a UFO from cherry please enjoy

— PJ U

40. Wood Inlay Ornament – Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge / 2.

Scroll Saw meets Wood Lathe – Inlaid Ornament

–Fabian Hentschel

41. 2015 Misfit Ornament

Lantern ornament. Made of mahogany, black walnut, and maple.

–Erick Wood

42. Wood Turning a Victorian Ornament

I am surprised at how many holiday traditions my family engages in each year that derives from the Victorian era. So, to celebrate these wonderful times of the year I wood turned a Victorian ornament.

–Speros Pascalides

43. Small Santa

Small woodturned pine Santa ornament. Skill level: just learning

–Ray Dunn

44. My first Christmas Ornament was Challenge / Reto de Adorno Navideño.

My first Christmas Ornament Challenge and first Plate, for keys, candies or simple ornament, it’s made in Marupa wood AKA (Stavewood) with polyester resin and glitter mix inlay and color pencils. This wood it’s not good for turning.

Mi Primer reto de adorno navideño y mi primer Plato, para las llaves, caramelos o la simple un  adorno, está hecho en madera marupá, inserto con mezcla de resina de poliéster, brillo y lápices de colores. Esta madera no es buena para el torneado.

–Emerisis Santos de Humphreys

45. Christmas Tree Star Topper / Christmas Ornament Challenge

I did a simple scroll saw Star Pattern I found online , by using 2, 1/8 pieces of plywood, cut once and got 2 stars, then half lapped the stars to create a 3D effect, Fun little project for the Christmas tree as a Topper, or Ornament

–Sterling Davis

46. Snowman double box for the Challenge 2015

A chestnut Snowman Double box. Merry Christmas!!

–Mauro il Tornitore (Mauro Migone)

47. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2015

simple ornament made from walnut. first time entering into any of the wood working challenges.

–Michael Skalberg

48. Segmented Christmas Ornament #2

In this video I make a segmented Christmas ornament out of walnut, sapele, maple, and padauk. It consists of 507 pieces.  the finish is 3 coats of 50/50 boiled linseed oil and poly, and 3 coats of poly.

Thank you for watching


49. Rustic, very rustic birdhouse ornament

Fun, fast, rustic, birdhouse Christmas ornament.

— Steve Krumanaker

50. 2015 Ornament Challenge

I explain how I make the hooks for my Christmas ornament from scratch and by hand, including the eyelets. The turned ornament globe is hollowed and made from pine with pronounced spalting. The top and bottom finials are walnut. It is finished with gloss lacquer.

–Jess Mancini

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