2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge 51-75

Challenge Videos

51. LED Xmas Ornament

A spalted beech and mahogany christmas tree ornament with a twist – an LED light inside to give the ornament a bit of a sparkle!

–Stuart Elks

52. 2015 Christmas ornament challenge

I have used sapeele to make a tree decoration it did cut out at the end

-as the battery died but I do have picture of the finished result hold you like it looking forward to some tips as I am relatively new to turning and really enjoying it. :)

–Daniel Harrison

 53. Christmas pencil ornament

My first Christmas ornament challenge entry, made from coloured pencils.

–Keith Barrow

 54. #2 Rainbow with a twist

I tried something i haven’t seen before. The idea was to twist every “segment” after coloring. Sit back and enjoy!

–David Koessler

 55. Christmas Tree Lamp

Christmas Tree Table Lamp, made with a log of walnut.

–Paulo Queirós

 56. Christmas Bell

I have turned a Christmas Bell with a snowman as clapper.

It is made of birch and nyatoh and the snowman is made of apple.

–Kristian Hansen

 57. Oak steering wheel for christmas ornament challenge 2015 

My first woodturning video! I tried to make oak steering wheel for christmas ornament woodturning challenge 2015.

–David Tonoyan

 58. Turning a LED Candy Cane Acrylic Ornament 

My third and final submission for the ornament woodturning challenge. Although there was no wood harmed in the making of this video. Instead I used acrylic to turn a Christmas tree ornament on my wood lathe. Candy cane pieces in acrylic resin for the ball and a clear acrylic rod for the finial. I added an LED with integrated color changing circuit just because I like things that light up.

–Tim Keeley

59. Chest of Dovetailed Drawers Mushroom Ornament 

This chest of drawers ornament  is made from walnut, maple, sassafras, ebony, and brass. The drawers have half blind dovetail in the front, and through dovetails in the back. The bottom is made from ebony.  Mortises were made in the walnut to house the drawers. The piece is then fixed with wax and turned into it’s final mushroom shape. The loop and key are fashioned from brass wires.

–John Zhu

 60. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge

My favorite part of this season is the Lights. So I decided to make an ornament that lights up.

–Cyrus Fillmore

 61. Le PicBois #23 – Xmas Lantern

This is my entry for the 2015 Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. I made a lantern out of cherry & wenge wood.

–Patrick Laperrière (Pat Lap)

62. The Balance Tree – Christmas Ornament.

My Christmas ornament that I actually turned, with a twist. Or a spin. Or rather a wobble. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

–Dominic Bender

63. 2015 Christmas ornament challenge

My twist on the an urchin after the many different types of  sea urgent  ornaments out there.

–Michael J Penkaty

64. Jingle Bells

This ended up as a pair of bells made from laburnum. I forgot to add stills of the finished item at the end. Each has a little jingly bell inside. Finish is Chestnut Friction Polish.

–Tom Speirs

65. Photo Ornament II

This is the 1st type of Ornament that I ever added any lights to and its grown from here. hope you enjoy!

–Michael J Penkaty

66. Saguaro Ornament Turning

Saguaro Ornament Turning with Mesquite for the 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge.

–Dan Coonts

67. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge

Maple and Alder topped with Black African Wood. Thanks for the Challenge and Happy Holidays.

–Mike Fulton

68. My Fun Christmas Ornament Challenge 2015 Christmas Tree 

This is my Christmas Ornament for the 2015 Christmas Ornament challenge.  I made a Christmas tree from some walnut and Alumilite casting.  It was a great project and was fun to do. It was a Challenge for me, is that the way this works?

–Ian Parish

69. Making Eyelets for Ornaments

Here is an easy way to make eyelets for the tops of all those Christmas ornaments you’re turning. Thanks for the inspiration to Gordon Freeman’s video on making ornament hangers.

–Rick Morris

  70. Birdhouse Ornament

I made this birdhouse ornament out of Walnut, Cherry, and African Blackwood.

==Peter Stewart

  71. 2015 Ornament Entry

My entry into the 2015 Ornament Challenge. Made with Poplar and some roadside Cherry. Might still have enough Cherry left for that bottle stopper…

–Bill Davis

  72. 2015 Ornament Challenge

This is a Video for the 2015 Ornament Challenge. Natural Edge Cedar Birdhouse Ornament with cherry natural edge top and elm perch.

–Joseph Watson

  73. My 2015 Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge Entry

This is my first ever woodturning entry.  I’m very new at this.  My first attempt failed but my second survived.  I can’t say the same about my lathe motor though as you’ll see at the end.

–Paul St George

  74.Making a Festive Christmas Ornament 

In this video I turn a piece of purple heart and some greenwood into a festive Christmas ornament. Enjoy.

–Anthony Strazhnikov

  75. “Cherry Christmas” My entry for the 2015 Christmas ornament challenge.

Turning A Cherry Christmas T-light snowman from a log of Cherry. Pyro face, hat and scarf, and some wooden skew arms and nose !!

He goes by the name of “Cherry Christmas”

–Steve Twydell

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