2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge 76-100

Challenge Videos

76. Santa Treat Ornament

This is my entry for the 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge put on by Alan Stratton and Carl Jacobson.  This is a display for the mantel and could be setup with stockings.

–Aaron Day

77. Christmas Bell for the Challenge 2015 

Christmas bell on the lathe inspired by two natural fruits.

–Mauro Migone (Mauro il Tornitore)

 78.  My 2015 Ornament Challenge

Maple and walnut Inside out turning


   79. Cracker

A Christmas Cracker Gift box or re-useable Cracker.

–Jake Webb

 80. Cedar and Paulownia Christmas Ornament 

I am turning an ornament using a piece of cedar( top and finial) and paulownia(center).

–Danny Shackleford

 81. Minion Ornament 

This is a simple wood turned ornament

–Russ Philipp

 82. Wood turning nut cracker 2015 Christmas ornament  

Wood turned nut cracker turned from iroko hope you like it I haven’t seen any one else do one like this so hopefully it’s something that people will try

–Leon ebner

 83. Hollow Snowman Ornament 

I demonstrate turning a Frosty the Snowman ornament with a hollowed center filled with cotton. I show how to decorate with puff paint after turning and add the cotton for his belly.

This idea comes from one of my viewers, James Robb, from Scotland who has had it for several years but can’t remember exactly where or how he got the original idea.

–Mike Peace

84. Christmas Ornament challenge 2015

Christmas ornament, hanging hoops with flower inside, LED tea light to illuminate the memory of those that tragically lost their lives in Paris France this year

–Rob Summerlin

85. Gyroscope Ornament 

A gyroscopic ornament made from pine and cedar.

–Derek Oliver

 86. 2015 Ornament Challenge 2nd Entry

A simple globe type ornament made from what could have been firewood. The globe is Maple and the I use some Ash for the finials.

–Bill Davis

 87. “Silver Planet”  

Silver craters & stars surrounding central “Magnetic” Pewter ring of Silver Planet globe.

–Peter Woodbine

 88. Christmas ornament

A ornament turned from maple, cherry and walnut. Failure and a low-tech recovery.

–Bill Pennington

 89. Classic Woodturned Ornament 

I turned this ornament out of Walnut with two pieces of Blackwood for the finials.

–Peter Stewart

 90. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge Entry by Brody

In this video I made an ornament that has two finials and a main body, but on the bottom finial there is a Christmas tree attached to it and you are able to see the Christmas tree inside of the main part of the ornament. The ornament is made of Mahogany, Maple, and spalted Maple.

— Brody Mitchell

91. Mobile Ornament

Elizabeth creates a mobile of miniature ornaments from a previous failed ornament.

–Elizabeth Day

92. Xmas Challenge 2015

Five different Christmas ornaments made in different woods sort (oak, pine, holly, rhododendron, weeping willow) and including some stone inlay.

–Vincent Massaut

93. Christmas Ornament

A Christmas ornament that’s 7″ high X 2 1/4″ wide, 1/8th” thick and made of ambrosia maple and African blackwood.

–Bill Donahue

94. Vance Maker ep. 7 – 2015 Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge 

Here is his video and his ornament. this was his first time using the lathe. i facilitated for safety’s sake but did not make this. he did.

95. 4 Turning a goblet ornament

This is a cedar goblet ornament!

–Eric Percival

96. Christmas Ornament Challenge – 2015 

This is my attempt at an old timey ornament as I remember them when decorating the Christmas tree at grandma’s house.

–Terry Vance

97. 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge Old Kerosene Lamp

Hi my friends! This is my entry for the 2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge. It is an old kerosene lamp ornament, the lamp reminds me of good times of my childhood, times that bring the same type of feelings as the Holidays! I hope you enjoy the video.

–Daniel Vilarino

98. Emily Wood Ornament Challenge

Emily creates a Christmas Tree ornament out of alder for the 2015 Christmas Tree Ornament Challenge.

–Emily Nielsen

99. My entry for the 2015 Christmas ornament contest 

this is my entry for the contest..good luck to all the other contestants and thank you Carl and Al.thanks for watching!

–Joe Walters

100. Turn a Christmas Tree (Ornament challenge) 

I took a piece of pine and turn a Christmas tree, I don’t use the lathe often so my skills are a bit rusty !

–Tom Howbridge

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