2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge – Videos 26 thru 50

This year’s ornament video’s (in order of submission).

   26.  Wooden bells

3 wooden bells made from exotic woods.

– Marc Dubuc

   27. 2016 Ornament Challenge – Miniature 

I turned a miniature ornament for this year’s challenge.

– Barry Crowder

   28. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

This is my rendering from a glass Christmas ornament from the 1930’s that belonged to my grandmother.  Hope you like it.

– Terry Vance

   29.  2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

Wood tuned teardrop ornament made from oak and poplar woods with oak inlay. Video says maple but it’s poplar. I was very nervous as this is my first time wood turning anything. And also please forgive the stammers. Not used to talking to a camera lol. Hope you enjoy. I have edited video for sake of time. Thanks for watching and merry Christmas.

–  Teddy Salyer

  30. Time capsule ornament-2016 contest 

Making of a Christmas ornament containing a time capsule for sentiments for future generations.

–  Tom Ackley

  31.  Christmas ornament

Woodturned Christmas ornament from 3/4″ plywood with mahogany top and final.

–  Jaremy James

  32.  Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

This is a 3 layer inside out Christmas tree made from Maple. The concept is awesome. However, the execution needs to be refined. I definitely learned where i made my mistake. Next time i’ll get it right. I would love to see someone else improve on this idea.

– Jeremy Edwards

  33. Make a Christmas Houselight – Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016 

A Christmas Houselight ornament for the Christmas table, using mixed skills, three woods, my treadle lathe and hand tools.

–  Daniel Solowiej

   34.  Ornament Project

My entry into your contest is trying to incorporate my carving skills.I started out from a scrap piece of basswood. I used the lathe tho turn the basic shape and then finish carving by hand. I used acrylic paint for the final finish. The size is roughly 1″ dia x 3″ long. The video shows step by step as I made this piece. This is my first time to enter your contest. Thanks to you both for allowing this to happen. I have been a long time fan of you both.

–   Tom Pritchard

   35. Wood turned ornament

Wood turned ornament

–   Tommy Akridge

   36. Atomic Christmas Ornament For 2016 Ornament Challenge 

Walnut ball with oak slices. Padauk spaces and tropical hardwood finials

–   Alan Stratton

  37.  Turning A Snowman

Turning holiday ornaments is a fun and easy way to make gifts for all those people on your holiday list. This video walks you through the process of making a cool little snowman.

–    Scott Seganti

  38. 2016 Ornament Challenge 

Inside Out Ornament Using Poplar, Pomegranate, & Apricot.

–   David Rogers

  39. Woodturning a Segmented Christmas Ornament #3  

This ornament is made of Cherry, Maple, Walnut, and Purple Heart. There are a total of 126 pieces. It is 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. This is my submission to the 2016 Christmas ornament challenge.

–   Justin Fiaschetti

  40. Baby’s First Ornament (Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016)

I make a hollowed ornament from spalted maple and walnut. I tried out an idea for personalizing it with the baby’s nickname and birth year with mixed results due to my own poor handwriting. [This is my entry for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016.]

–   Ben Barwick

  41. Double Insideout Ornament

This Double Inside out ornament is my 1st, 2nd and also 3rd try in one video.The small inner ornament is attached with the base by a glued in nail, The base and the small ornament is a piece of a walnut pallet, The outer one is Steamed Beech and the one that you see on the end is Pine (which explodes)

–   Sebastian Ollari

  42. Christmas Ornament challenge 2016

Un adorno navideño usando algunas técnicas de segmentado.
Es la simulación de un globo aerostático.
Es algo diferente y original que surgió en el momento del torneado.

–   Jose Alberto Giordano

  43. Key Card Ornament

I use old key cards and gift cards to create a blank from which I turn the globe for an ornament.  The finials are turned from an unknown hardwood and dyed red with a water-base ink.

–   Regina Shedd

   44. “The Cloche” Christmas Ornament Challenge 

Created a cloche ornament using a piece of burl and resin.  I selected the following colors: Alumilite Peacock Blue, Alumilite White, and Pearl Ex Antique Silver.

–  Heath Knuckles

  45.  Turned Christmas Ornament

In this video I turned an inside out Christmas Ornament.  This is my first attempt at inside out turning and am pretty happy with it.

– Lou LoGiudice

  46.  Handmade Christmas Ornament

I made a handmade ornament out of resin…. it takes 2 days to make and super fun to do..I showed step by step on how I made them….
I made this for the Christmas Ornament Challenges.

–  Hollen Freeman

  47.  Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

About two years ago a neighbor allowed me to grab a couple pieces of walnut from a few trees he was having harvested in his yard.  Originally I was hoping to make a bowl for him, but most of the wood cracked in drying, but I did have a large enough piece remaining to make this ornament for him.

–  Aaron Day

  48. Harry the snowman. 2016 ornament challenge 

Here is my ornament for the 2016 ornament challenge. It is a snowman named Harry. Body is made of maple, and hat is made of buckeye.

–  Todd Halleman

  49.  Happy Snowman, and lantern

My snowman is made from Rhododendron, the hat from Wenge and Purpleheart. The Lantern from Ovangkol. The Snowman hill is from pine, coated with snow.

–  Mike Urquhart

  50. Bronze and Aluminum Christmas Ornament 

I made this ornament out of bronze and aluminum on my metal lathe. This project was a lot of fun and the ornament turned out better than I had hoped! It catches the light absolutely beautifully and would look stunning on any Christmas tree!

–  Vincent Lazzaris

2016 Videos 51 thru 75

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