2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge – Videos 51 thru 75

This year’s ornament video’s (in order of submission).

51. Wood turning a snowman ornament

Wood turned snowman from a 1″ wood dowel

– Tommy Akridge

   52. Traditional Hollow Globe Christmas OrnamentFor this video, I turned a traditional globe ornament of walnut, padauk, and a tropical hardwood.

–  Alan Stratton

  53. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

Here is my entry to the Christmas challenge for this year i thought id do a tree decoration and have ago at something i haven’t done before. The wood i have used is called laburnum its my first time working with it and i think it is a really nice wood to turn hope you like the video. Thanks for watching. :)

– Daniel Harrison

  54. Christmas cowboy hat ornament

A picture/slide show of a wood turning miniature (3″ by 1″) cowboy hat for a Christmas ornament.

– Jennifer Kolesar

  55. Wooden Snowman

Wood turned Snowman for Christmas Ornament Challenge

– Johnny Perez

   56. Winter Storms entry for the 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

I made some small wooden round and burnt some simple runes (Anglo Saxon runic) into them. They may be simplistic but hey, sometimes that’s the way to go.

– Trevor McClung

   57. Resin Cast Alumilite & Pine Cone Snowman

A snowman ornament made using Alumilite resin with red, green and white dyes plus pinecones.

– Zac Higgins

   58. Button Birds – 2016 Ornament Challenge

My Son said the Challenge was open to ALL ornaments this year, so thought I’d share.  Here is a nice pair of embroidered felt “Button Birds”.  These are 3D ornaments which can be viewed from all sides.  Happy Holidays !!

– Shirley Wardman

   59. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

This is my first ornament and my first video. I hope you like it.
The first ornament has a spalted maple globe with ash finials.
The second ornament is all ash.

– Martin Young

   60. 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge; How to turn a Christmas Ornament 

This week I submit my entry to the 5th annual Christmas Ornament challenge hosted by:. Carl Jacobson & Alan Stratton. I wanted to try something new but it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I’m no expert on the lathe but I love turning and learning as I go.  This is one of my favorite times of year and one of my favorite challenges. good luck to all who enter and as always THANKS FOR WATCHING!!

– Joe Walters

  61. My entry for the 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge 

We hosted our family Thanksgiving celebration at my house this year.  I made some 2016 Christmas Ornaments for all the kids to paint.

– Donald LeBlanc

   62. Rustic Robin Red Breast !! (Chritsmas ornament challenge 2016) 

This robin redbreast is turned from a sycamore branch and one poplar pen blank. I turned it using only a variety of skews !!! The glasses are a small fridge magnet.

– Steve Twydell

   63. 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge Santa’s Hot Air Balloon Santa is in trouble! His sleigh skates are broken and it cannot fly! He asked for help so I made him a segmented hot air balloon, with his magic, he can make it grow and fly and be able to deliver the gifts this next Christmas!!
Papá Noel está en problemas! Los patines de su trineo se han roto y no puede volar! Me pidió ayuda, así que le hice un globo de aire caliente segmentado, con su magia, lo puede hacer crecer y volar y será capaz de distribuir los regalos esta próxima Navidad!!–  Daniel Vilarino
   64. Foldable Wooden Christmas Tree Phone Stand 

Foldable Wooden Christmas Tree Phone Stand

– Tim Keeley

   65. Ornament Challenge 2016

2016 Ornament Challenge I made a Christmas tree from an old post that was giving to me I forgot to take a photo of the wood before i started sorry for that hope you enjoy.

– Korey Clouse

   66. 2016 Ornament Challenge

I made a cross out of puzzle pieces cut from maple.  I put words about Jesus on one side and what those words mean to me on the other side.  Christmas is just the beginning!

– Cy Mars

   67. Santa’s Favorite Dessert

Thanks you Carl and Alan for putting on the Christmas Ornament Challenge.  And for all the great videos you all produce.

– Jim Burton

   68. 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge – Snowman 

My attempt at art… its a snowman or you could call it a woodman. Hope you all like it!

– Wes Hamstra

   69. Christmas Ornament / Boule de Noël

It is a very small project which I made with a piece of privet that I took in my firewood pile, the completion is made with the linseed oil.

– Laurent Leynaud

   70. Christmas tree medallion ornament

A turned, two sided medallion Christmas tree ornament. There is a celtic knot design on one side and a parquetry star on the other.

– Lynda Coles

   71. Turning a Snowflake

Turned a segmented half sphere and inlaid it with a snowflake pattern.
I also made a stand out of brass for a nice presentation.

– David K

   72. Maple Burl Christmas ornament

I turn a flashing light up Christmas ornament from a stabilized maple burl and alumilite blank.  This is my entry for the Christmas Ornament Challenge.

– Mark Choitz

   73. Christmas Ornament In this video I want to make something with my style that is industrial style I mean, and I want it to be different so I looked into the past. A long time ago they made cookies with wooden molds that were carved, so I took my inspiration from there and made one.

– Ryan Rojas

   74. MDF Christmas Tree , Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016 MDF Christmas tree idea from the wife to give to her aunt .!!!
Enjoy– Hugo
   75. 2016 Ornament Challenge: Elizabeth’s Entry 

Elizabeth Day turns an ornament globe from cherry wood and alumilite and adds an LED to finish it off.

– Elizabeth Day

2016 Videos 76 thru 100

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