2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge – Videos 76 thru 100

This year’s ornament video’s (in order of submission).

76.  2016 Christmas ornament challenge

Coffee scoop ornament for the 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge.
Had lots of issues, but powered through and super excited that it all worked out. Lot’s of first’s for me on this one.  Thanks to Alan & Carl for putting on the challenge. I look forward to all the upcoming challenges, thanks for helping push other’s to achieve. Really appreciate all that I have learned from you both and other’s here on YouTube.
Merry Christmas.
–  John Fisher

   77. Segmented Christmas Ornament

In this video I make a segmented Christmas ornament out of hickory and mahogany for the segments and cocobolo for the finials. Enjoy!

– Anthony Strazhnikov

   78. How to Make a Mini Bowl Gouge | 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge 

In this video I show how I make a mini bowl gouge ornament from an old screw driver, the top of a broken spring punch, some CA glue, and a piece of hard maple.

– Braxton Wirthlin

   79. Christmas ornament challenge 2016 – Turning a Christmas robin 

It’s nearly Christmas! In this video I make a Christmas robin ornament that sits on a twig. It’s made from yew and oak, and the legs and twig that it sits on are beech. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy the video.

– Owen Schroder

   80. Resin Tree

a Christmas tree made from a resin blank.

– Braden Giblett

   81. Segmented Wood Christmas Tree Bell 

Segmented Wood Christmas Tree Ornaments.  The design, cutting segments, glue up and turning in the lathe to produce small and highly decorated segmented wood bells which are used as Christmas Tree Ornaments.

– John Manura

   82. Snowman for Christmas 2016 Challenge

I turned this this snowman out of spalted Maple. The snowman is 13 1/2″ tall and 6″ at the base. I wanted to make this one practice before making a large one (double or triple this size).

– Jeremiah Atkinson

   83. Snowman Ornament for the 2016 Ornament Challenge 

This is my first challenge and very first video. Never even had a youtube channel. I’ve only been turning a few months but figured, why not try. Hope you enjoy the video.

– Jeff Fields

   84. 2016 Ornament Challenge

In this video, I enter the 2016 Ornament Challenge organized by Carl Jacobson and Alan Stratton.

– James Jacob (aka – Shogun-Jimi)

   85. Christmas Cracker Surprise

This is my first project for you tube.
I glued pencils together to make the block of wood to make the cracker body.
I then made a working pen out of oak to fit inside the cracker.

– Graham Burdett

   86. Medallion Ornament

After the Yellow Bellied Chicken ornament, I figured I owed Peter an ornament that had a little more goodwill towards mankind and a little less third grade playground taunting.

– Derek Oliver

   87. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

My entry to this year’s challenge – “Santa in a Spin”.

– Peter Woodbine

   88. Woodturning with The Old Woodworker   2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

I make a train set of ornaments out of wood scraps from the workshop .

– Harold Bowern

   89. Mini Hollow Vessel Christmas Ornament 

I made a 3″ hollow vessel as a Christmas ornament.

– Joe Kolesar

   90. Making And Swirl Painting Snowflakes 

I decided to try a little something different. So I came up with this idea. I used water and spray paint to create a unique look to some wood snowflakes I cut out.

– Colbe Pease

   91. Candycane and ice cream ornament diy 

A resin ornament made in an ice cream cone shaped silicone mold. The ice cream cone is faintly striped like a candy cane, which was painted on the back of the piece using striping tape and red paint. It was then coated in glitter paint before being strung and ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

– Victoria Tischler

  92. Opa,s Entry into the 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge  

I build an Christmas Ornament from a piece of Ash firewood. I make it on the Lathe!!!!

– Opa Koster

  93. Advent Wreath – The Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016 

Advent Wreath made from a disk of European Oak as a platter with three legs from Beech. On top half a branch of Birch (3 legs as well to sit stable on an uneven surface) with holes to hold some LED-candles.

– Peter Freitag

  94. Manuela Makes – A Star – The Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016 

In my first Video I made a Christmas Star by folding paper. No glue needed!
The Star’s made out of 30 pieces and I used a battery powered LED Light to light it when it hangs in the window during Christmas Time.
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.
– Manuela Kranz

   95. Wooden Ornaments

My first public video on Youtube.
When I work with wood I usually do woodburning/pyrography art but this time I decided to also try something new. I recently learned that a thing called “intarsia” (a form of wood inlaying) existed and thought it would be the perfect challenge for me and my new scroll saw. This contest was really fun and I learned a lot of things to improve on for next time (including time management :D)! Thank you very much for hosting.

– Anna Shaposhnik

   96. A porcelain bell for Christmas  How I made a porcelain bell, from turning the former to making a mould,casting,firing and finishing.
It is light enough to hang on the Christmas tree ….. or use it to summon your supper. :)– Lynda Coles
   97. Woodturned Christmas Lantern (2016 Ornament Competition Entry

This year I’ve made a Christmas lantern. It’s mahogany and beech, based on a fairly traditional style lantern, and has a tea light inside to illuminate the design (though an LED tealight, as it’s very flammable!).

– Stuart Elks

   98. Toys & Baubles: Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Just a short and fun video of me making my first Christmas Ornament for this years Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016. The body is oak. The hat and nose are black walnut. The arms and mace are mahogany. And the little jewel on the bottom is amethyst. Thank you Carl and Alan for putting this challenge on! I hope everyone has a blast!

– Chris Knight

   99. Turning an Ornament from Last Year’s Tree (Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016) I turn an ornament out of a section of last year’s Christmas tree’s trunk. The ornament was painted with acrylic paints, sanded to 600 grit, and finished with gloss poly.

– Ben Barwick

   100. The Scrap Tree Turn a bunch of slats into a tree with this cool scrap wood project. Go full circle by turning pieces of tree into a more decorative tree! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

– Dominic Bender

2016 Videos 101 thru 125

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