2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge – Videos 101 thru 117

This year’s ornament video’s (in order of submission).

101. 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

I turn an ornament out of a section of last year’s Christmas tree’s trunk. The ornament was painted with acrylic paints, sanded to 600 grit, and finished with gloss poly.

– Ethan McCrary

   102. #72 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge 

So it’s that time of the year again, and with a few seconds to spare, I decided to take a go at the Christmas Ornament Challenge. It didn’t work to plan, but I won a good sized egg out of it, so hey, it’s better then nothing! :)

– Yuval Lahav

 103. 2016 Christmas ornament challenge gabe cappel 

I’m 13 and I really like projects and when I saw this I had to do it I decided to burn wood and make curls of wood  I cut the wood as thin as I can and soaked for a day curled them and secured them with screws then waited until dry them put them all together  this was a really fun contest so thank you for making this contest and opening it up for more competitors:) this took me  3 days to complete :)

– Gabe Cappel

   104. 3D Printed YouTube Play Button Christmas Tree Ornament 

When my woodturning ornament failed, I decided to try out a 3D print as a last minute entry.

– Kenneth Geary

   105. Christmas Ornament challenge 2016 MEM PHILMO

 Our first video and our first experience at woodturning ornament. It was fun see you next year and thanks guys!

– Philippe Maurier

   106. 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

This Ornament is made of scrap wood.

– David Lyda

    107. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016 Inside out, and cast.

In this video I do an inside out turning, with a segmented turning, and an Alumilite Casting center around a Christmas Tree. This was a fun project but a long one with many steps. This is for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016.

– Ian Parish

    108. Icicle Snowman Pen

My Christmas ornament for the challenge. I turned an Icicle Snowman pen from Acrylic with a black acrylic hat. It is twist off Nick Cook’s Icicle Snowman ornament.

– Spencer W Brown

    109. Sycamore Christmas Tree-2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge 

In my video I turn a 5-tiered Christmas tree from a piece of sycamore on my lathe. I hope you enjoy!

– Jacob Zimmerman

    110. Cast and Turn Christmas Tree Ornament | Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016 

Using Alumilite and wood to resin cast a turning blank. Then turning that blank on the lathe to make a Christmas tree shaped Christmas ornament .

– David Gunn

    111. 2016 Ornament Challenge-Natural Edge Bell

Hi Everyone this is my submission for the 2016 Christmas ornament challenge. Thanks for watching!

– Michael Zurcher

    112. 2016 Christmas Tree Inception Ornament 

My wife and I decided years ago that we wouldn’t bother with a tree until we had kids.  When our daughter was born a few years ago, I decided to start a tradition of creating an ornament each year from a piece of the previous year’s tree.  This helps me to preserve the memories of each Christmas season, as well as a small piece of that tree..

– Josh Stedman

    113. Woodturning a Christmas Ornament

This is my entry for the 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge put on by Carl Jacobson and Alan Straton. This is the first time I’ve ever tried turning an ornament, let alone a inside out one.

– Corey Graham

    114. Santa Hat Ornament with Hidden Candy 

This ornament is a Santa hat box.  Inside is the perfect space to hide a chocolate kiss.
When I was a kid we had reindeer ornaments that hid a chocolate.  It was always exciting to find them, but a let down when they were empty inside!
I wanted to try out this ornament as a prototype.  It was fun and turned out okay. I think I could improve my process quite a bit next time.– Todd Richardson

    115. Wood Turned Christmas Tree

A wood turned lighted Christmas tree for the holidays.  Sorry for the crude video, this is a first for me.

– Wesley Rolf

   116. 2016 Ornament Entry

My entry into the 2016 Christmas ornament challenge. This was a fun little project, hope you enjoy. Did you guess right?

– Bill Davis

   117. A Christmas Wand

Turning a Wizard wand ornament

–  Emily Wood

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