Woodturning Jewelry-Segmented Bolo Tie With Wood Tips

Bolo Tie JewelryFor an beautiful jewelry item, how about this segmented wood bolo tie? The medallion is made from 24 segments of walnut and maple with a walnut center and walnut bolo finial tips. The renewable finish is beeswax and mineral oil. The design symbolizes a old west wagon wheel.

The metal clasp and cord is available at Tandy Leather Factory and other sources.



Segmented Candy Bowl With Lid

Segmented Candy JarWith Valentine’s day approaching, I made a segmented candy jar. This jar is cherry with accents in walnut. It uses 66 pieces of wood including the top and bottom finials. Since I want it to hold candy, it is finished with food safe mineral oil and beeswax.

A bonus, I get to enjoy a chocolate kiss.


Segmented Beveled Mirror Holder

Segmented Mirror
A viewer, Johnny, asked me to demonstrate how to incorporate a beveled mirror into a woodturning project. This segmented turning accepts a 4 inch mirror beveled or non-beveled. It has 16 segments and a faceted faux jewel at the center. The wood is cherry finished with shellac friction polish.

This is only one of many possible designs: solid or segmented wood; handled or non-handled; large or small; bowl shaped or platter shaped; etc. The possibilities are endless.


Woodturning Green Wood – A Natural Edge Bowl

Natural Edge Bowl in GumAfter a storm broke a large limb from a gum tree in my yard, I decided to get some benefit from my misfortune. A friend had helped clean up the mess so I decided to turn a natural edge bowl to give him in recognition for his help.

This green wood bowl is turned from gum. The bark edge is toward the upper side of the bowl for a natural edge. This bowl is about 8″ across and 4″ tall. It is finished with beeswax and mineral oil. I’m leaving a small spigot on the bottom until it has had a chance to dry and warp. After that I’ll remount it and re-flatten the bottom to make it sit flat. I’m always fortunate with all the bark stays on my natural edge bowl.


Making A Pinewood Derby Car – Turned On A Lathe?

Pinewood Derby Car RedWhen my son came over with his children to make their pinewood derby cars, he also challenged me to turn one on the lathe. I did not have a clue how to turn one — until the light dawned.

So, I did not one but two. How do you turn a car on a lathe, you ask?

Pinewood Derby Car GreenIt “turns” out that if you turn two pinewood derby cars at once, you can.

  1. Prepare two blanks at least regulation size
  2. Glue them together bottom of car to bottom of car with craft paper between the blanks.
  3. Turn your cars but leave the wheel area square to support the axles and maintain the wheel spacing. Be careful because your dual car blank is not a round turning — it has flat portions. So, you’d be cutting a lot of air at the same time.

Star Of Bethlehem Laser Cut Christmas Ornament

Star of BethlehemWe’re celebrating Christmas with a Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. This is my last entry for this year.

This star is not a woodturning. But I think it is cool enough to enter the challenge. It is cut with a laser from 1/8 inch Baltic birch plywood.

Depending on how it is hung, it takes a variety of dynamic, springy shapes.

Merry Christmas.

View the complete challenge playlist.


Woodturning A Snowman WIth Cultural Diversity

Multi-cultural SnowmanWe’re celebrating Christmas with a Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. This is my next entry for this year.

This snowman is demonstrating “Cultural Diversity” by including four different domestic hardwoods:

  • Maple – Bottom snowball
  • Walnut – Middle snowball, nose, & coals for mouth and eyes
  • Cherry – Head snowball
  • Laburnum – Hat

He is finished with mineral oil and beeswax and weighs in at 1.75 ounces. As an extra bonus he rattles when shaken.

Merry Christmas.

View the complete challenge playlist here.


Woodturning A Segmented Christmas Bell Ornament

Christmas Bell from CherryHere’s my next entry to the annual Christmas Ornament Challenge that Carl Jacobson and I are sponsoring.

This is a segmented Christmas Bell to sound off at the birth of the baby Jesus. Its body is made of apricot with 5 rings of 8 segments each for 40 total segments. In addition, it has a handle and a knocker made from laburnum or golden Chain. It is finished with walnut oil.

Simple Challenge Rules:

  1. Make an Christmas ornament.
    Project of your choice in the spirit of Christmas
  2. Make a video of you making the ornament.
    A good learning experience
  3. Upload the video to YouTube
    A piece of cake.
  4. Let me know the link to add your video to the playlist.
    Another piece of cake.
  5. Enjoy your ornament consistent with the season.
    After all that cake, why not.

Here’s a link to the complete playlist for this year.

And last year’s playlist.


Woodturning A Christmas Ornament With Finials

Ornament Ornament With FinialsIt’s time for the annual Christmas Ornament Challenge.

Carl Jacobson and I are sponsoring this challenge.


  1. Make an Christmas ornament.
  2. Make a video of you making the ornament.
  3. Upload the video to YouTube
  4. Let me know the link to add your video to the playlist.
  5. Enjoy your ornament consistent with the season.

This ornament is walnut with cherry finials, all finished with friction polish.

It is hollow to make it light enough to hang on a tree.


A Stack of Special Donuts For All The Big Ballgames

Mesquite DonutPhillip from San Antonio sent me a chunk of mesquite. I’ve puzzled over what to make of it.

Then I realized that it is playoff and bowl game season. I need refreshments for all the big games. How about a donut.

This donut is hollow to reduce its calorie content. I don’t want my friends to have to go on a diet to lose weight. Yet, they need to enjoy my delicious donut.

The only thing I can’t figure out is how to add tasty frosting and sprinkles.