A Natural Edge Bud Vase For Mother’s Day

Bud Vase in GumI needed to make a bud vase to go with the flower I made for Mother’s Day. I chose a wet piece of gum wood and shifted the turning axis to include a natural bark edge. I finished this little vase with walnut oil. Despite the off-axis turning, this is still an easy woodturning project.


Woodturning A Wood Flower For Mother’s Day

Wood FlowerWith Mother’s Day coming so quickly, I need flowers for my wife — wood flowers.

This flower will be of elm wood. The petals will open upward and outward – to welcome the bees to gather their pollen. Appropriately, this flower will be finished with beeswax and mineral oil.


Rough Woodturning & Alcohol Soaking Wet Walnut Bowl

Wet Turned Walnut BowlNow that I’ve return to my home shop and can again use my full sized lathe, I have an urge to turn something big — something I’ve not been able to turn on a mini lathe.

This rough turned bowl is walnut from a fellow member of the local woodturning club. The wood is wet but I had sealed it with wax emulsion to preserve it so there don’t appear to be any bad cracks.

I’ll rough turn it, leaving it oversized, then soak it in alcohol to try to dry it faster without checking. Once I can dry it, I’ll finish turn it to final size and finish. It’s not that pretty now – but just wait…


Woodturning A Multi-Tip 4-In-1 Screwdriver

Multi-Tip Screwdriver in PadaukI’ve been on location for remodeling a house in Mesa Arizona. One of the tools I found very useful was an ordinary 4 in 1 screwdriver.

In this project, I dress up that screwdriver. It is a very quick, simple project using only a cheap screwdriver from Home Depot. The handle is Padauk finished with beeswax and mineral oil.


A Segmented Solar Spring Flower

Dancing Spring FlowerIt has been a tough winter for many people; and spring is having a tough time getting underway.

Let’s help it along with a solar powered dancing flower. The flower mechanism is purchased at a local dollar store. The project is to turn a nice wood cup to hide the awful plastic.

I grabbed a hunk of segmented wood from another project and went to work. The wood could have been anything and almost any orientation.

Mine is 24 segments of oak finished with beeswax and mineral oil.


Disaster Strikes Woodturning A Segmented Bowl

Segmented Oak BowlI had grand plans for this project: a shallow bowl on a pedestal — the pedestal having a hidden chamber.

But things did not go my way. One thing after another and this project turned into a salvage operation.

In the end I have a 56 segment oak bowl that looks great — until you see the off center rings.

Oh well.


An Analog Clock In A Digital World

Clock For Counter TopDo you need a reminder what clock-wise and counter clock-wise mean? How about a nice desk or counter top analog clock?

The thought also struck me that segmented woodturning relates to solid woodturning as digital relates to analog. What do you think?

This clock consists of 3 red oak segment rings, a walnut plug and a cherry spindle; all finished with beeswax and mineral oil mix.

The movement came from a local wood crafting store and are available in numerous catalog sources.


Collapsible Baton For Musicians

Music Director's Baton

I leveraged my experience with magic wands to make this collapsible music baton for my daughter in law.

This baton takes it to the next level. A baton need to be the same length as the distance from the director’s inner elbow to the director’s fingertips. For her, this is 14.5 inches. I also made this baton collapsible so it can be put in a large bag or purse.

It’s interesting and fulfilling to leverage other projects in a new way.


Segmented Woodturning – Case For Reading Glasses

Eye Glasses CaseSometimes I need reading glasses, but they’re never where I need them. Sometimes they get squashed, bent and otherwise mangled.

Here’s a solution – a beautiful case. Make as many as you want to have one with a pair of reading glasses anywhere you may need one.

This case consists of 11 rings: 10 of maple and padauk and one of only padauk. Each maple and padauk ring has 16 segments. Add in the end plugs for a total segment count of 170 pieces. It is finished with my mix of beeswax and mineral oil.

Now I can see.



Segmented Bowl Featuring Narrow Lip

Lipped Bowl in Cherry & WalnutI’ve been “on location” for some time. A neighbor, Roger Dokken, has helped me with my shortage of woodturning equipment such as a table saw and miter saw. He has also kept me and my wife supplied with lemons, grapefruit, and oranges.

Before returning home, I want to give Roger something in return. I also want to experiment with a bowl with a convex profile, opening wide at the top to welcome anything. I also wanted a contrasting lip or edge.

The problem with this concept is the wood for the lip. In most segmented turning the segments are glued up in a brick lay fashion on top of each other. When the bowl goes into a wide sweep such as the top of this bowl, usually the segments have to be very wide. This, compounded with the sweep makes the segment appear even wider. To counter this, I planned to joint the lip ring with a mortise and tenon approach. If successful, the rim would appear much more narrow than otherwise.

This bowl is finished with walnut oil.