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Solar Eclipse Souvenir Broach Woodturning

May also be viewed via YouTube, Vimeo, or FaceBook. But best right here! With the eclipse coming, I wondered if I could turn something that depicts the eclipse. After considering several possibilities, this is what I came up with. The “earth” disk is hazelnut with texturing provided by mini features created with the Infinite Axis […]


Woodturning Box Lid with Multiple Eccentric Axes For Unique Look

May also be view on Vimeo and YouTube – But best right here. In the last video I turned a set of stacking boxes. My boxes need an interesting lid for the top most box – one that will provide interest and enhance the boxes. The Infinite Axis Chuck provides a solution. The lid is […]


Move Over Kindle – Here’s A Real Page Holder

My daughter sent me a pin from Pinterest for this little doodad. I’m not sure of its official name. But, it does a great job of holding the pages open while reading a book. Despite Kindle et al, real paper books are still with us. It’s a bit irritating at times to have to use […]