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A Woodturning Tip To Eliminate Wobble

This video may also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook. Why not stay right here. For this project video, I had planned an inside out ornament – a really special one. To my dismay, it broke. Due to the imminent deadline, I switched to a walnut tea light with flashing LED. As I first […]


Woodturning A Hollow Reversible Tea Light

Also viewable on YouTube After I made the UFO spaceship for E.T. a few weeks ago, a viewer suggested it could also be a tea light. Well, how do you turn a UFO into a tea light? Tough question. So, I started over with a new piece of walnut about 7″ x 3″. I wanted […]


Segmented Tea Light – More Safe Than Eccentric

Rather than respond to the challenge of an eccentric tea light, I choose to turn a segmented tea light with a bonus saucer to set it on. The style of segmentation is called open segment meaning that there are gaps between the segments making up the ring. However, nearly every open segment requires a couple […]