2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

This year’s ornament video’s (in order of submission).

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006-Ornaments for Peter Brown-Derek Oliver.JPG
007-Cheeseburger-Patrick Laperrière.jpg
003-Drink Can Tinwork-Mike Gurman.jpg
004E-Nativity scene-Mauro Migone.jpg
006-Ornaments for Peter Brown-Derek Oliver.JPG
007-Cheeseburger-Patrick Laperrière.jpg
003-Drink Can Tinwork-Mike Gurman.jpg
004E-Nativity scene-Mauro Migone.jpg
006-Ornaments for Peter Brown-Derek Oliver.JPG
007-Cheeseburger-Patrick Laperrière.jpg
003-Drink Can Tinwork-Mike Gurman.jpg
004E-Nativity scene-Mauro Migone.jpg
1.Kickoff – 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge 

–Alan Stratton
–Carl Jacobson

  2. My Christmas Ornament For 2016 Christmas Ornament ChallengeA simple ornament using a simple hollowing technique.

–Alan Stratton

   3. Drink Can Tinwork – How To Make A Star-Shaped Box

Here’s how to transform an ordinary beer or soda can into a lovely little star-shaped embossed box, without any special tools.
The box can be turned into a Christmas tree ornament just by adding a ribbon or cord.

–Mike Gurman

4. Nativity scene – Presepe

Many wood Nativity scene

– Mauro Migone

   5. Laser Cut Inlay Christmas Ornament
The Christmas Ornament Challenge is now underway. I look forward to seeing what you come up with again this year.
– Carl Jacobson
   6. Ornaments for Peter Brown Just a couple ornaments to encourage participation in the Christmas Ornament Challenge.

– Derek Oliver

   7.  Cheeseburger Christmas Ornament

Here is my entry for the 2016 ornament challenge. :)

– Patrick Laperrière (Pat Lap)

   8. Christmas Ornament From Last Year’s Christmas Tree 

I found that part of Christmas tree from which grow branches suits to make very beautiful ornaments.

–  Bogdan Shykh

 9.  The Acrylic Finial Bauble

The Ornament is constructed from clear and coloured transparent acrylic sheets for the body and a clear acrylic rod for the finials. It was turned on a wood lathe using hand tools with a combination of Robert Sorby zero jaws and a pen mandrel.

–  Jim Overton

   10.  Santa at the Manger

As a father of three small children, Christmas has become very special to our family. I’ve learned how important the spirit of Santa Claus is and what it teaches them. As much as we love the excitement of Christmas morning, this concept of Santa kneeling at the manger helps put it all into perspective.

–  Ben Gustafson

11. North Pole Sign 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge 

North Pole Lantern Sign 2016  Christmas Ornament Challenge

– Lou LoGiudice

  12. 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge – Bauble with LEDs

Bauble turned on its own stand, hollowed out and dyed red with food colouring,filled with LEDs and holes drilled so the lights can shine through

– Jamie Page

 13. Inside Out Christmas Ornament For 2016 Challenge

Exterior from cedar with multi-wood Christmas tree inside. Finial is unknown tropical wood pen blank.

– Alan Stratton

   14. Christmas Ornament, inside out turning 

As the silly season is almost upon us, I thought it wood be a go idea to try my hand at turning an ornament on the lathe.
Starting by ripping down some scrap pine to 4 lengths by 25 mm x 25mm. They were held together with hot glue and the inside was turn .
Next the 4 blanks where pulled apart and glued back together, and what was once the outside now become the inside of the ornament. Once the shape was achieved the sanding started with 120 grit and worked my way up to 1200. Super glue (C.A.glue) was added as the first coat a light sand with 000 steel wood and then the final coat was added.
I’m slowly getting used to what all the lathe chisels do and what not to do with them. Overall I’m very pleased with the end results– Nicholas Giampietro

   15. Christmas Ornament 2016

A Christmas Ornament for the Challenge.

– Mauro Migone

  16. Twisted Christmas Ornament

Handcrafted Christmas ornament with a twist made from red oak and walnut.

– OJ Stevens

  17. DIY Santa Claus for Christmas Ornament 

I made this Santa on my lathe using bitter orange and lime tree wood.
It’s design is minimalistic and it is painted with acrylic colors.

– Dimitris Klonos

   18. Ornament Challenge 2016

My little snowman is looking forward to winter. This challenge is much appreciated, thanks Alan and Carl.
I included my little snowman’s family just so he will not be lonely.
Thanks, I am having fun turning….

– Peter Fabricius

  19. A Turned Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament with 2 captive rings.

– Larry Sartin

  20. Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

Redheart, Holly, and basswood strips are used to create this innovative Christmas ornament.

–  Jason Clark

  21. Star Finial Ornament

Snapshot video of turning star finial ornament

– Walt Wager

22. Not Quite Round – Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

Here is a Santos Rosewood and Ash ornament that I turned with a hot glue block. Finished with satin wipe on poly

– Mackenzie Hill

   23. Band Saw Reindeer

Very Quick and Dirty Video. Nothing fancy here. Rough cutting an “Evil” Reindeer on the Bandsaw with a blade that was way too thick for curves, add some black spray paint, and using an arduino micro to flash an LED to music.

–  Tim Keeley

   24.  2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

I made this video for take place on the 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge ! for this project i use olive wood and copper wire !! I hope you like it !!

– Kostas Annikas Deftereos

   25. Chickadee Ornament – Short Version 

This is a Short version of a longer video I made on woodturning a Chickadee ornament. Hollowing is done by simply drilling out and plugging the bottom. There is a link at the end of the video to download a detailed handout of this project.

– Mike Peace

2016 Videos 26 thru 50

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  1. Jack G Lewis says:

    Impossible idea without thumbnails of all ornaments together to make a valid choice. Good Idea, bad presentation.

    • Alan says:

      Absolutely it is a tough task. However, I doubt that 117 thumbnails of sufficient size would fit on a page and also convey they talent displayed in their videos.
      Comment accepted.
      Merry Christmas.

  2. Val says:

    I would just like to thank you so much, see your videos and others, where things don’t always go as planned,has given me the confidence to push through the odd disaster. One particular one was I had turned the top of a miniature bird house, I made two bottoms one afternoon both cracked as I had made them so thin, anyway made the bottom yesterday and was pleased with the outcome. Thanks again. Val

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