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95 Responses to “Welcome Confirmation”

  1. Vince says:

    I turned to the internet for ideas and tips and stumbled across this site.Imp hoping to get a ton of knowledge from your website.

  2. Carl says:

    I am looking for alot of information on woodturning,
    as I am getting started in this as a hobby.

  3. David says:

    I realy enjoyed the video I saw on You Tube. I am here to see what I can learn.

  4. ron says:

    Thanks saw the top vid on utube

  5. roy says:

    thanks for the youtube lessons I found them to be very informative

  6. Bruno says:

    Félicitations pour votre site et toutes les vidéos.

  7. Alexander Mickman says:

    Many thanks for the information given in your interesting videos.
    Best regards from Chile

  8. Subhash says:

    Your videos are very interesting. I have been turning for about a year now and I hope to to learn much much more by watching you doing your thing.

  9. Frank Daddario says:

    Just wanted to say hello.I saw your entry in the Summers wooworking 2X4 contest and I started watching you vids. I am finding them a great source of info and ideas. Thanks for taking the time to put this all toghether!

    • Alan says:

      I’m glad you’re finding them useful.
      Be sure to add any projects you’d like to see – I may give them a try.
      Alan Stratton

  10. Tom Simmons says:

    Hi hope to get a lot from your book. Problem I have not been able to down lode it. I think I have fall lode all you steps, but I don’t get to a place were I can down lode it.
    Thank you
    Tom Simmons

  11. Paulo Boettcher says:

    Boa Noite Alan, sou do Sul do Brasil. Gostaria de parabenizá-lo pelo Site, pelos vídeos e pelos ensinamentos que você transmite.
    Como sou apaixonado pela tornearia de madeira, sempre pesquiso pela web esse assunto que para mim é fascinante.
    Vou visitá-lo com frequencia pela internet, e se me permitir, compartilahar com meus amigos os seus trabalhos, que servirão como fonte de inspiração.
    Um forte abraço e mais uma vez parabéns pelo seu trabalho.

  12. gustavo mutio says:

    i’m argentine woodturner

  13. Bonjour
    Maintenant que vous ne craignez plus de tourner des boules, pourriez vous nous en tourner une qui soit segmentée.
    J’ai par ailleurs une difficulté avec votre bande son, votre sono est toulours en double !
    Merci beaucoup pour vos différentes prestations.
    Français habitant à Mauritius

  14. vous etes tres bon et tres sympapathique, même pour un tourneur, c’est pas négligeable

  15. bernard caine says:

    thanks for lesson you could also make this into a nice posh letter opener.
    could you do some sheer scraping videos and any home made tools you have made to do this

    • Alan says:

      I think for a letter opener I would have to more the secondary axes another notch outward. this would make the result more flat. It would be worth a try and avoid using a sander.
      I’ll see what I can do about more tools and techniques.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Alan Stratton

  16. bernard caine says:

    thanks for postings enjoyable

  17. Robin Merg says:

    Thanks for your postings. I enjoy your lessons.

  18. Francesco says:

    Bonjour, Vos vidéos sont très intéressants.
    J’espère apprendre beaucoup plus en les regardant,
    et encore merci pour les leçons, j’ai trouvé qu’ils étaient très instructif!

  19. bernard caine says:

    thanks for the videos and all the tips. I enjoyed the doughnuts but thought what a waste of beautiful wood.That wood would have cost a lot of money in england. keep em coming thanks again

    • Alan says:

      Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with a difficult piece of wood. I have several pieces that I don’t dare cut into. Now that is a waste also.
      You’re welcome. Thanks for watching and commenting.
      Alan Stratton

  20. Dan says:

    I really liked you work on Woodturning Segmented Candy Bowl With Lid…Awesome!

  21. Bob says:

    Thank you for all of your videos. I have seen about all of your videos. I use your videos for learning tools. Thanks you , Bob

  22. Alan Wesley says:

    Many thanks for your videos, I know I will learn a great deal from you, so keep them coming.

  23. Richard Katzman says:

    Alan, I watch your videos all the time and I’m amazed at your creative nature and the outstanding quality. My wife bought me a small lathe for Christmas. Not an expensive lathe, 8×12 at Harbor Freight. Good for pens and small items. Not sure what I can do with it as being a novice. I haven’t used it yet because winter is still alive and well in New York. I did buy a face shield to start with. My creative endeavors are creating flies for fly fishing but I have wanted to try wood turning for a long time. You can view my videos on You Tube by searching Richard Katzman. Thanks for all your pointers.

  24. Ed Austin says:

    great videos to learn fron

  25. Frank T says:

    Alan, i tried to sign up but received no confirmation email.

  26. Dustin brinker says:

    I learned to woodturn from watching as wood turns videos thanks for the inspiration

  27. Ty Wood says:


  28. Greg Smith says:

    I have enjoyed your videos for about a year. And have used many of your tips on my projects.

  29. Ty Wood says:

    Thank you for your very educational videos.

  30. Alan Bailey says:

    Have seen several of yr videos already. They inspired me to come looking for more. Thanks

  31. Alan G. Frank says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed the video.

  32. Lawrence Rayborn says:

    Do you add any thing to your Walnut oil?
    I finished my first bowl today.
    Dryed green spalted pecan with DNA Finished with Walnut oil.11.25diax 3.5 deep. I have enjoyed your videos and learned plenty from UTube.

  33. Paul says:

    Has yet not received confirmation email

  34. Dennis Lamont says:


  35. Charles P. Auger says:

    Hello Alan. I’m glad to have found your website. I have recently purchased a new lathe, and I’m in need of guidance and most of all knowledge. I found your site through another wood turner, Mike Waldt. I stand ready to be taught, teach away.

  36. Mark Hazlewood says:

    Hi Alan, I’ve followed you on YouTube for quite a while and finally jumped to your web site. I’m looking forward to more good stuff from you.
    Been turning for a year (±) and learning lots with every video.

    • Alan says:

      I guess welcome is not quite the right word since you’ve been following me on YouTube.
      But since I cannot find a better one, Welcome.
      Thank you
      Alan Stratton

  37. Fernando says:

    Hi Alan.

    After seeing your Youtube channel, I decided to sign up for your website. It’s really nice the way you present each topic. Thank You

  38. Ron Freshour says:

    I enjoyed your presentation at the Willamette Woodturner’s Club this past week. I was sitting in the front row and got a good view. Now, it is nice to review the turning on AsWoodTurns.com.

  39. Bill Leary says:

    Looking forward to your videos. I enjoy watching your well presented and creative work

  40. NORM says:

    Last night at our local club (LLW,Springfield,IL) we had a segmented bowl/vessel presentation by a totally blind member. He’s one of our better turners and has even demonstrated at some of the bigger shows nationally. In one of your future Saturday events you might venture into segmented items with mixed colors (species) or open “gaps”. You might also show the idea of using a drill press as a vertical clamp, especially with a bungee cord or extended bar for natural weight to provide pressure.

    • Alan says:

      Norm, all great suggestions. I love both mixed wood and open segment projects. I had not thought of a drill press as a clamping tool.
      Thank you

  41. Phil Jacobus says:

    What model lathe do you use?

  42. Chuck Espersen says:

    Looking forward to lots of enjoyable hours learning from you, Thank you Ever So Much, Woodie Woodchuck

  43. Pat Wigen says:

    I get so much inspiration from your ideas and processes. Keep’em turnin!!

  44. Richard says:

    Excellent website.😃

  45. james says:

    thinks for letting me watch your
    work it’s way way above my turning

  46. Larry Edinger says:

    Like your Web Site!

  47. Al Stickel says:

    Nice to see a “local” expert!! Look forward to talking with you at the next Cascade Woodturning meeting.

  48. Jessé Luis says:

    Thank you.

  49. David W Price says:

    Enjoy the weekly article.
    Well done!

  50. Darla Cowburn says:


  51. Fernando Pereira says:

    Came across your site and enjoy the demo. Look forward to many more. Regards

  52. lloyd says:

    Thanks Alan, i’ve enjoyed several of your videos and picked up many really good tips. I really like your teaching technique

  53. CW OWENS says:


  54. Donald Daigle says:

    Just starting in wood turning so I hope to get some info on how to become a wood turner.

  55. Pat Wigen says:

    Nice work Alan!! I am not as skilled yet on performing small items as your goblet stem. I also need better/more tools which I will purchase when I have the extra green. Thanks, PW.

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