My Apple Wood Cup

This is the season to prune fruit trees.

I had to cut off a medium sized limb because of rot at the top in an old crotch. As I cut it off, I thought I might use it for a woodturning project, a small goblet.

The pith had rotted out for nearly a foot of the two foot length. But I thought it worth a try. Maybe even for a natural edge.

I cut out a section, mounted it and started turning it between centers. Turned a tenon and mounted it in a jaw chuck.

It was hard to ride the bevel. Did some shaping and hollowing.

Bad news! The rot actually extended  completely through the piece. An old piece of bark had peeled off also.

Oh well. I turned off the natural edge bark and it looked a little better.

So, I painted it with wax emulsion and well see if it is worth finishing in a few months.

We’ll see.

Weight – Waxed but kept unwrapped in heated area.

+13 Days 8.6 oz
+34 Days 7.2 oz  16% change
+63 Days 6.5 oz 24% change

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