Wood Bracelet For My Girls Part 2

With the pending visit from my grandchildren, I decided to make a bracelet or bangle for each girl. In the last video, I made the first set of three.

But with six granddaughters, 3 bracelets is not enough. I needed three more.

With three under my belt, I changed them a little bit. In the first batch, I used four segments per layer. In this batch, I use eight segments per layer. There are two segmented layers with one layer of thick oak veneer between them. Woods are Purpleheart, Padauk, Honey Locust, Oak and Maple.

With the practice from the previous batch, these went more easily. I treated each joint with CA glue to fill any possible gap and to seal the wood.

The bracelets were finished with a shellac friction polish.

I finished the last bracelet about 11:30 pm. The next morning the grandchildren started arriving for our family reunion.

They were excited for the bracelets; Two made additional requests for a wooodturning project. That will be in the next video.

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