Christmas Ornament – Sea Urchin On Apricot

This woodturning has a sea urchin shell on an apricot top and bottom finial. It is about 8 1/2″ tall. The shell is about 2″ in diameter. The apricot from urban forestry is finished with a friction polish. The sea urchin shell is protected by three coats of white glue on its inside. I sanded the top and bottom shell holes to make them uniform.

Although I prefer finials with a fine point, I worried about grandchildren playing (inappropriately) with it. WIth this risk in mind, I made the finial points into moderate beads instead.

The most difficult part is to fit the shell to the finial. The finial rests on a small shoulder on the apricot finial just inside the top of the shell.

After that, the more technical part is turning the finials without breaking them. Here’s where turning up the lathe speed helps along with a sharp tool. Even then, any defect in the finial or a misstep with a tool and the finial is ruined.

This ornament is part of the Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge 2012. Please view the playlist at Carl Jacobson and I are sponsoring this challenge.

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