How To Turn An Eccentric (Crooked) Magic Wand

Eccentric Wand - Walnut & Oak
After the last video, I decided to go one step further and make an eccentric blade for another wand. By using multiple axes, the blade will be crooked, a special twist to please any wizard.

This full sized 17″ long wand is made from walnut and red oak. It is finished with mineral oil and beeswax. A chamber in the handle can hold a magical phoenix feather.

This blade is more difficult than the last wand. Between the thin blade flexing and the off axis turning, there’s a lot of chatter that also complicates this turning.

I’ll list any woodturning curses that viewers suggest.

6 Responses to “How To Turn An Eccentric (Crooked) Magic Wand”

  1. Hallo Alan , great job your wand . Personally find when turning offset , to relieve the the pressure of the gouge , I use a smaller size footprint detail gouge ala Cindy Drozda .
    Talking about Wizard , there is one in Warburton , as featured in my video.–elF7Zb4

    kind regards
    Hans Kopp

  2. Jon Murphy says:

    I am very confused, if you have the other wands with the fine Phoenix feathershow is it that you can’t see the ghosts? Just in fun from a Harry Potter fan.

    Curiosity, I’ve done little eccentric turning so far, what are you using as a driver. From the video it could be a cup center or a small toothed center. I wasted some money a while back on a Sorby eccentric center (not the fancy one, the screw chuck one). The waste is that one needs to sink a quarter inch hole for the screw chuck which defeats some of the purpose if doing a thin piece.

    Best, Jon

    • Alan says:

      Ghosts at the transitions have very powerful magic. They manage to play sneaky tricks.
      The driver is a steb center clone. (small toothed center). this was adequate since I did not offset that end – only the tail stock.
      As a preview, based on some comments and a brain cramp, I’m working on another holding mechanism that may prove interesting for a third video.

  3. Barry says:

    Your turning skills will never be superseded by your dramatic skills……
    Thanks for being so creative … in both turning and the dramatic intro