A Segmented Walnut Egg Box

Walnut Egg BoxAn Australian viewer asked me to make a wood egg shaped box. The main difference is the shape and no base for it to stand on.

I decided to not make a typical end grain box but instead take a segmented approach. I glued up twelve rings of eight segments each into two stacks. The top rings were plugged with walnut dowels. Each stack of rings was mounted to a threaded wood faceplate. BTW that totals 98 pieces. (8 segments x 12 rings + 2 plugs) I used Titebond extend glue to minimize glue humps at joints.

Then instead of starting with a solid spindle, I started with the two stacks of rings – One for the top and one for the base.


  1. On the top, form a mortise for the joint, hollow and finish.
  2. On the base, form a rabbet or tenon for the joint, hollow and finish. I blew it here and had to take off the tenon and start over.
  3. Complete roughing out the top and part off from the faceplate.
  4. Place the top on the base with a paper towel to stiffen the joint.
  5. Refine the overall shape focusing on the top, then finish the top.
  6. Cut a shallow groove just under the joint on the inside of the base to enable reverse mounting the base.
  7. Mount the base to a chuck in an expansion grip and finish the base.

In the end, this is a fairly standard box process.

My egg is finished with shellac friction polish.

Sometime in the future, I’ll make a short ring to serve as a stand.


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