Woodturning Jewelry-Segmented Bolo Tie With Wood Tips

Bolo Tie JewelryFor an beautiful jewelry item, how about this segmented wood bolo tie? The medallion is made from 24 segments of walnut and maple with a walnut center and walnut bolo finial tips. The renewable finish is beeswax and mineral oil. The design symbolizes a old west wagon wheel.

The metal clasp and cord is available at Tandy Leather Factory and other sources.


4 Responses to “Woodturning Jewelry-Segmented Bolo Tie With Wood Tips”

  1. bob morrison says:

    allen that was an awesome project. i hav e wanted to make one but was not sure how to do it. did you find that the finials might need some more weight?

  2. Randy Jones says:

    Thanks Allen,, I was not expecting sush a quick reply on the bolo’s. I was thinking of a bolo with multi woods but had not thought of a segmented bolo. Thats neat; I really likedit. The individual I am going to give it to is from Idaho,(I live in Tennessee), and he likes his bolo ties. Much thanks.

  3. Barry says:

    Very creative! Thanks. (Your video presentation makes it look so quick and easy……)