Segmented Woodturning To Fix My Mother’s Old Stone Clock

Walnut Clock InsertSometimes the best project is a simple project to help someone else in a small but critical way. This is the case with this project. My mother has a sentimental attachment to a stone clock that her brother in law made for her many, many years ago.

Unfortunately the clock stopped working. Testing revealed that the problem was the movement. I wished it had been the cord that would have been easy to replace.

Searches at local stores and internet sources could not find a similar movement – one that plugged into a wall socket. Searches for a battery operated movement could not find one that exactly fit the hole in the stone.

My solution was to turn a walnut ring that fit the stone and that a movement could fit into.

I glued up a 12 segment walnut ring with a rabbet on the back and a simple raised profile on the front. It is finished with shellac friction polish with no sanding.

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