Woodturning One Scoop After Another

Cedar Scoop

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Recently, I saw Sören Berger turn a scoop. He made it look easy and indeed it is — after you’ve completed one.

This cedar scoop combines elements of spindle turning, multi-axis turning, and bowl turning.

It also includes turning a perfect sphere. A perfect sphere is no problem for me, I have that process down. The difference is that this sphere must be on the end of a handle. I cannot rotate the ball’s axis as I can for an independent sphere.

Soren marked out first for a octagon, then rounded it over for a ball. However, he used his single purpose caliper to make critical measures for the octagon.

I don’t have his caliper – nor do I want a single purpose tool. However, the geometry is simple. I created a spreadsheet to related diameter to critical measures for the octagon. BTW, the length of a side of a polygon is 0.414 times the diameter.

My spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

My scoop is Titan cedar about six inches long with a 2.5 inch diameter bowl, finished with mineral oil and beeswax.

Good turning.

7 Responses to “Woodturning One Scoop After Another”

  1. Randy Cosgrove says:

    Hi Alan

    I like your approach to turning and I really like this scoop.

    Got to try one.

    Thanks, keep it coming.


  2. Thomas Hanson says:

    I never could find the spreadsheet for the segments used to make the round spheres.

  3. Dwight Schaeper says:

    Enjoyed the video. The day before watching, I did my first sphere attempt for ball-in-ball using the tangent method. I’m unable to find the spreadsheet that you mentioned.


    • Alan says:

      The link to the spreadsheet is in the post 3rd paragraph from the bottom where it says:
      “My spreadsheet can be downloaded here.”
      It’s in a PDF format compatible with most computers.
      Alan Stratton