This Bowl Has A Magnetic Personality!

Walnut Pin Bowl

May also be viewed on YouTube.

At my wife’s request, I turned this magnetic pin bowl. It looks simple but figuring out how to embed a magnet and still have enough magnetic force was a brain teaser.

The bowl is walnut finished with friction polish. It uses a segmented approach with four rings of twelve segments each plus two pieces of three ply home made walnut plywood. This amounts to 54 pieces of wood.

The magnet is a generic HF 25 pound 2 inch magnet.

Good turning.

7 Responses to “This Bowl Has A Magnetic Personality!”

  1. Lou Jacobs says:

    Thanks for another creative project and clear,mi structure video. I look forward to each Saturday morning to see what you’ll do next.

  2. Lou Jacobs says:

    That was supposed to say “instructive.” Sorry!

  3. Allyn Wasser says:

    So what magnet did you use and where did you get it? Thkx!

  4. Steve Blakley says:

    Happy wife, happy life! Good job Alan