Woodturning Hollow Christmas Ornament With Wood Burning

Cherry Christmas Ornament

This video may also be viewed on YouTube. But much better here.

This ornament is my first for this year’s Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. It is cherry with the bulb about 2 inches in diameter plus about 1 inch integral finial. I hollowed the bulb by cutting it in half, hollowing the two halves, and gluing it back together. It is finished with shellac friction polish.

For decoration, I turned several v-grooves and woodburned (pyrography) some random designs. I then sanded the burned areas before finishing and buffing the ornament.

Enter your ornament video at http://www.AsWoodTurns.com/Challenges. There’s still lots of time before the deadline of November 30, 2015.

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Good turning.

2 Responses to “Woodturning Hollow Christmas Ornament With Wood Burning”

  1. Pat Wigen says:

    Alan, very nice video of your wood turned Christmas Ornament. Couple of questions please. What kind of wood burner did you use and where can they be purchased? Thank you, PW.

    • Alan says:

      I converted a HF battery charger for a power supply and made my own pen. I have videos in the works with more details.
      Stay tuned…
      Alan Stratton