You Mean – That Wood Had a Platter Inside?

Pine PlatterMay also be viewed via YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. But best right here.

This project comes from a block of pine I received as a raffle prize at a woodturning club meeting. Initially, I was disappointed that it is pine, a softwood, that I don’t like to turn.

It has been a while since I turned a platter. I could not see a deep bowl in the half log — only possibly a platter.

For a platter, I mounted the wood to a screw chuck after chain sawing a good slice. Then trued the face before rounding off the perimeter. Then cut a mortise to receive my larger jaws. Then completed the bottom side of the platter.

After reversing the platter, I turned the rim first while the wood was still stable. Then extended the hollow down to the bottom. Finally, I finished the remainder of the inside hollow.

This 12″ by 2″ platter is finished with walnut oil.

Good turning.

2 Responses to “You Mean – That Wood Had a Platter Inside?”

  1. Mick says:

    Hi Alan, i’ve been watching you on YouTube for a couple of years now and always look forward to seeing them, I’ve learnt a lot. Love your channel and Christmas ornament challenge is great. Look forward to more. Please carry on. From an old bloke in the uk. Thank you. Mick