Cross Grain Hollow Form With Fins

Hollow Form with FinsThis video may also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook. – Best right here at As Wood Turns.

This hollow form is a combination project to explore a hollow form with fins in cross grain wood. The cherry is about half dry and could warp some but not a lot. I’m not counting on the project warping.

The hollow form is mounted as cross grain and shaped. Then drilled out and hollowed but was not hollowed out to the final wall thickness. Instead I left the walls very thick (at this point).

Then using a parting tool, I cut 1/8″+ grooves leaving 1/8″ fins. My goal was to leave about 1/2″ as a wall thickness between the bottom of the fin and the interior of the hollow form. It is 7″ diameter and 4″ tall finished with walnut oil.

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