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Disaster Recovery – Woodturning Style x 3

May also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, or FaceBook – Best right here at As Wood Turns. After I blew through the bottom of a beautiful bowl, I appealed for ideas on how to salvage it. The response was wonderfully broad and useful. Some would re-purpose the bowl as a lamp shade with an LED […]


Shop Built Eccentric Chuck From PVC Fitting

May also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. But why not stay right here! This is the first revision to the infinite axis chuck. It adds a bolt to handle bottle stoppers and other handles. It also has more resistance to unexpected rotation. It is the first major upgrade for the old egg chuck. […]


Eccentric Bottle Stopper With Infinite Axis Chuck

May also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. But, best right here where you are. Remember! The annual Christmas Ornament Challenge happens during November!. A local club asked me to demonstrate turning a bottle stopper. But, I cannot make myself make a plain one when I can dress it up by turning it on […]